Discovery Class: Our Bodies

In Discovery Class we’ve been learning about our bodies. How they work and what they are made of. Here are J.D., Genhi, Jack, George, Paul and Ainsley.

My Body

By J.D.

I’m wearing a jersey.

And I have two feet.

And I have two legs.

You need legs to put on your feet.

It is like a magic train.

My head has

Eyes and a mouth.

The hands are the trickiest part

Because of the finger trace.

I have veins in my body.

I have muscles.

And muscles are brown

And your skeleton is white.

My Body

By Genhi

These are my legs

And there are stripes on my legs.

And there’s my shirt.

I put hearts on it.

There are my hands with

Stripes on my arms.

There are wiggles

By the hearts.

This is my smile

And that’s my headband.

And there is my hair

And these are my eyes.

It is green inside my eyes.

I have bones and I have muscles

And I have a brain.

And I have a head.

And I have fingers that touch.

And my nose can smell things.

And I have a neck

And toes.

My Body

By Jack

I have shapes

On my pants.

Shoes on my feet.

T-shirt covering my arms.

My head

Has my brain.

My face

My eyes

And mouth.

My Body

By George

This is my skin.

(all the stripes are

The skin).

And this

Is my face

And my mouth.

This Is Me

By Paul

This is me


The highest jump.

And this is Jay jumping the second highest jump.

And this is Cole jumping the 3rd highest jump.

And this is a big N.

I have face paint

And this is a T-Jew-Bot.

And closing eyes.

I have good senses.

And I have a brain that’s good.

I have my worry brain

Which makes me worry.

My telling brain helps me

Think good things.

And I’m half wolf

And half everything

And my blood makes me

Turn into everything.

My Body

By Ainsley

I colored it blue.

And I have a ponytail.

And I have a colorful shirt.

And pink shoes

And pants.

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