Discovery Class: Our Bodies

More bodies! Romy and Lucia and Margot and Quinn.

My Body

By Romy

My body has rainbow hair.

And a shoe with my name on it.

I have brown skin.

My face.

My face has a mouth

And two eyes.

My Body

By Lucia

It is me.

I’ve got


And I’m wearing gloves.

My hair, just some

Of my hair.

And I’m wearing a dress.

My Body

By Margot

I have a sun in my middle.

Too many hearts.

Colorful hair.

Big boots.

Arms crossed

Behind my head.

And I’m stuck this way


My Body

By Quinn

An elbow bone.

A knee bone.

Hand bones.

And skull bones.

Feet bones.

Head bone.

Arm bones.

Rib bones.
I like my eye bones.

And I like my knee muscles.

And I like my skull

That protects my brain.

My lungs keep my heart safe.

And my brain is thinking of ideas.

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