Discovery Class: Our Bodies

From Monta’s class, Jude, Vallory, Otis, Charlotte, and Felix.

My Body

By Jude

My mouth

And where the food goes

Down to my stomach.

And I’ve got a heart.

I have two hands

Two eyes

Two arms

Two legs

And two feet.

My Body

By Vallory

Red, black, and blue

Pink and yellow

Brown and green


(I’m wearing a made-up dress)

And tights.

And I’m wearing a crown

And make-up.

And I like princesses.

My Body

By Otis

I have an owwee

And two scars.

I have



A nose

A smile

And my hands.

My Body

By Charlotte

My body is wearing

Rainbow clothes

And pigtails.

I have two eyes

And I’m smiling.

Shoes on my feet

And two hands,

Ten fingers.

And rubber bands

In my hair.

And my body

Is very cool.

My Body

By Felix

These are the bones

In the legs.

This is the blood

And it goes

To the heart.

I have


A mouth



I’m wearing shoes.

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