Writing from Roseau

Poems by Lillian Butler.

16 Years

By Lillian Butler

She sits there in the soft green grass

listening to all the cricket’s songs.

Even though she’s all alone

There is a unfamiliar feeling within this world of darkness.

A feeling of safety and sureness,

I see her

I almost can hear her thoughts within the middle of the night

I’ve always known her to be happy

Joyful, kind, and spirited.

Yet when she’s alone those are invisible

They can’t be detected

I’ve known her for 16 years

And never seen this part of her.

A feeling of uneasiness creeps around her

Almost like she is drowning in this pit of death

Yet she’s here and alive

I’ve known her for 16 years, because she is me.



By Lillian Butler




Has an affect on our thoughts.

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