Writing from Roseau

Poems by Josie Johnson.


The River Taught Me
By Josie Johnson


The river has taught me

that life carries on.

People, memories, and good times

come into your life, then leave.

Bad things happen,

and life carries on.

Good things happen,

and life carries on.

It’s all temporary;

even when we’re dead and gone,

life continues to carry on.


The Spot
By Josie Johnson


It is like this:

The summer sun shining down

on the almost forgotten trails.

Above the water,

perched, peacefully watching

tadpoles swim silently.

The gentle splash of a stone

tossed into the water.

The cattails rustle in the wind.

A place, inaccessible by car.

And as you leave on bike or foot,

still silence returns.

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