Writing from Roseau

Poems by Hashton Metcalf, Abby Boris, and Destiny Lussier.


All alone

By Hashton M. Metcalf

I’m all alone there are noises

Coming from the room right over

It sounds like frantic fighting

Then lavish light fills the room

I am abruptly awoken, sad time for school.



By Abby Boris



Like her mouth




It’s normal

Don’t talk.


The sky

By Abby Boris


       Be like the sky


    Different in its own beautiful way

Every night it’s different

       Shows beauty

      Expresses space

  Expresses the creator

       Colors- many

        True colors


      Its eye opening

The sky.


Depression is Like a Hurricane

By Destiny Lussier

Thoughts flowing uncontrollably

Swaying every which way

Unable to prevent the feelings from rowing in your head

Like you’re unable to prevent the waves from crashing to where it is not needed

Water crashing over some place you once called home, unable to breathe as if you are the only person in the speeding waves

Trying to run from the ocean full of unwanted emotions, you try and catch your breath as if you’re in a race for first place

Damages occur all around, yet you feel like you’re the only one who has been targeted.



By Destiny Lussier

The best thing to receive

The worst thing to be taken away

Love can bring many emotions

Anger, sadness, happiness.

Love can be experienced in many different ways

Love can sometimes be painful

And sometimes life changing.




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