Writing from Roseau

Poems by Renata Novacek and Keirstin Lisell.


Most of the time…

By Renata Novacek


It’s dark, cold, and lonely.

Upstairs where no one enters through the heavily guarded safe.

Downstairs it gets warmer but still densely secured,

trying to avoid telling the world what you’re feeling.


Locked away in a dark place is sometimes scary,

you don’t know how others will react.

Being locked away is also comforting,

a voice that accompanies my thoughts and feelings


But once in a while,

the lock breaks to reveal a blinding light.

The darkness dissipates,

the warmth,

Oh, how it feels


Even if it is relieving for a few seconds, the lock is replaced

It’s dark, cold, and lonely,

once again.



By Renata Novacek



to the waves whispering as they speak to the shore.

As the storm rages over their arguments.

As they share deep secrets.



to the leaves rustling in the trees.

As some fall,

littering the ground.

As the leaves send messages through the wind to other leaves.



to the music of nature as the birds sing melodies to attract a mate.

As crickets squeak on a silent night.



without really listening.

Just listen to the beauty of this beautiful world you live on.


Feelings are like Water

By Renata Novacek


Raindrops sprinkling in a pond

Storms raging across the ocean

waves destroying as they flood the land

Water receding from shore on the night of a full moon

Water flowing around obstacles that block its path

the ability to bend to-and-fro

The water we drink hydrating our body for survival

Electric currents conducting through it

Evaporation of water on a stove in a pot

(Water is a way of life and determines how we live it)

It’s more than it’s thought out to be

It doesn’t matter if the water is fresh


or salty.



By Renata Novacek


Summer days riding bike alongside

the river. Standing on the

edge throwing sticks and stones

as they ripple outward. A

connection with the water as

I swim taking lessons. Years

later to find the water

as a place of home.

Comforted by the water as

it is pulls my hair

every which way.

Floating through the calm water

reminiscing about random thoughts. Water

is home as much as

it surrounds home. I can

see the river from my

patio step. Miles away, a

lake side view at the

Cabin. Over seas, salty air

surrounds the salty water. Even

if I’m sick, something about

the water makes me enjoy it.

The water dripping down

my back as I get

out of the pool after

a hard days work at

practice. The water of the

lake trickling down my legs

from my wet swimsuit. Something

about the water is comforting

even if my body burns

as it ache for air.

My cap pulling my wet

hair. Water is home as

I’m surrounded by it all

my life.



By Keirstin Lisell


The clock tics

I’m slipping away, losing myself,

Collecting myself in my thoughts

The clock tocs, i

Open my eyes, best i can, but i’m losing

Control, I’m going deeper into a memory,

Going back to all my favorite places, but there’s

One i will never forget

Everything i close my eyes and think,

Summertime flows into my mind

The sun caressing my golden skin

Humming to songs rushing from the radio as we fish from the dock

Everything is calm and smooth, but i’m suddenly pulled out by the

Clock ticking, i

Let myself relax and fall deeper, unable to

Open my eyes, the

Clock is tocking, i can only go back to tying

Knots with my grandpa

Only knowing one

Never getting it right, no matter how hard i try

Tick-tock goes the clock, its

Heavenly rhythm beckoning me back to when

Everything is sunny and

Warm, i’m so deep in thought

And everything is exactly

Like i want it to be, steady and never failing, how

Lovely to know tic toc goes the clock on the wall


Be like a mountain

By Keirstin Lisell


Be like a mountain,  

strong and sturdy

in any weather or situation, you will always stand


Be like a mountain,

powerful and tall

people won’t dare try move you and nothing will knock you down


Be like a mountain,

made of many layers

holding inside so much more than what you show


Be like a mountain,

full of hidden beauty

anything from the rivers you hold to your flowers tucked away from sight


Be like a mountain,

on top of the world

your only fear is never ending, never stopping, never quitting


Be like a mountain,

and nothing will stand in your way.

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