Writing From Roseau

Poems by Sophie Helgeson, Nolan Hanson, and Elizabeth Danielson.



By Sophie Helgeson

I didn’t know I loved

The flicker of the streetlights at night

The crickets singing with the grasses

The pavement still warm to the touch

From the hot sun earlier

The softness of the wind

Wrapping you in a blanket

Making you wish

This feeling could last forever.



By Sophie Helgeson







Life’s good.


World Views

By Nolan Hanson


The light that

Is bigger and better

Before it is limited

By the effects

Of a rapidly

Turbulent world



By Nolan Hanson


The sharp pain occurring

A push needed to get to the end

Nothing left to give

You huff and puff through it all

Your body feels like it can’t go any more

But you find something

And obtain the one thing you wanted

Relief comes over you

You can relax now


The Accident

By Elizabeth Danielson


Family all in one car

4 sisters and a brother in the back

Dad driving in the parking lot

spinning the car in circles

The children are laughing and smiling

Like they’re on a roller coaster.

The door flies open

The wind captures the youngest one

Pulling her out of the car at a rapid pace

Throwing her on the ground coaxing the blood

Screaming from the children in the car

Crying from the little one

Running to get her

The scar by her eye never faded.


Anger like a lion

By Elizabeth Danielson


It prowls waiting for its next meal

Waiting patiently, bottled up until something comes by


Protecting those it loves most

From what scares it


Knowing when to pounce

And when to stay steady


The thing comes near

Provoking the beast


It cowers

Patiently waiting for the right time


There is the opportunity

To end what that thing started


He moves faster than light

It doesn’t take long for the scuffle to end


The lion sleeps waiting until it gets hungry…


Or until it is provoked.



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