Writing From Roseau

Poems from Autumm Dimich and Ella Transgrud.

Valley Fair
By Autumm Dimich        

Valleyfair is filled with laughter, screaming

And all the good things going through your mind.

All the noises of rides and swimming in the pool

From the children running around, to the kids getting sick

And the parents waiting while the children play and

When time comes the fun will be done

And the smell of the delicious food will be gone

The sun will go down

And the night will come

That’s when all the fun will end.   


By Autumm Dimich

Lonely feeling inside

Outrage of nervousness

Standing alone

Trembling the fear inside.


Happiness Like Smiles

By Ella Trangsrud

We do it everyday

Without even noticing.

We bring joy and warmth

To everyone around us.

It radiates from some people,

And others receive more than they give.


Peace Like Water

By Ella Trangsrud

It’s everywhere here.

Everyone has it.

Everyone has enjoyed it.

In this close-knit campground,

by the small lake, it is peaceful.



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