Writing From Roseau

Poems by Ethan Tesarek and Jazmine Dokken.


Most of the time

Ethan Tesarek


Most of the time the weather is nice

Most of the time I wake up on a Saturday and go outside with the fresh dew still on the ground

Most of the time I find wood ticks

Most of the time on a Monday and Thursdays after school I go shoot trap

All of the time I enjoy life.


Naming the Stars

Ethan Tesarek


Strange star



Brightest star .



By Jazmine Dokken


Wake up


Get dressed

Go to school or work



Wake up

Look nice


Go to school

Never work



Wake up

Criticize yourself

Get scared

Go to school and work

Impress the world



Three versions of a morning

All in search of this word


Beauty is pain they say

But we shouldn’t have to feel pain to feel pretty

These systems



Until someone says something to make them feel luxurious and happy

Then can they accommodate themselves to change the routine


Wake up


Get dressed

Feel desired

Go to school and work

Feel beautiful


Just from one person and one desire




By Jazmine Dokken


Listen to the world,

It’s always moving,

But never ending



By: jazmine dokken


A nice soft summer

Hot and somewhat hostile

Sometimes bored not able to move from your bed

However a week is coming

One wonderful week

Full of gospel and god


A time to have a fantastic fun

Filled with adventures on the lake

Adventures in the sun

You can hear the laughter

You can smell the joy

Coming here for one week isnt enough though

You come for a camp high

Its a drug of fun you can not get enough of

But you go home

High happy and longing to go home


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