Writing From Roseau

Poems by Masynn Janicke and Caden Jolicoeur.


Everybody Knows Everybody

By: Masynn Janicke


Everybody knows everybody,

Sometimes a little too well.

If something of the slightest happens,

The town will know.

It is a small town

There is not much to do.

It seems that people want to know

To make up for being bored

Everybody knows everything


In My World

By: Masynn Janicke


In my world,

It was hospital rooms and

Long car rides.

It was going to see my mom and dad.

It was eagerly waiting

In waiting rooms to see my dad.

It was having to stay at my grandmas,

Because I was only seven.


In my world,

It is coming home everyday.

It is seeing my mom and dad whenever I want.

It is going home and seeing my dad,

Right when I rush through the door.

It is driving to see my grandparents,

Because my family is home now.



By Caden Jolicoeur


Home, what is home?

Home is caring and warm

But home isn’t always where your parents are.

I might have a home here, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like home.

My home is in a different country.

Which might seem far away but its really not.

Where the stereotypes are far too exaggerated.

It has trees all around it and a small house of 4 generations.

It has a large wood shop, where i can hear my grandpa working.

The smell of freshly cut wood, flowers, something cooking swirling around me.

The apple, cherry, and plum trees all blooming.

The light rumble of a two stroke boat motor.

The permeating smell of the exhaust.

Before taking it out to the lake with our rods and minnows.

Home isn’t always just one spot.

It can be anywhere or with anyone.

I have a home here but it isn’t my only home.



By Caden Jolicoeur


Some days are better than others, some days i can’t bear.
Some days i’m tired and just don’t care.

But there’s always the days coming that i know are gonna be better.

And those somedays that i can stand.

They just make the good ones so much better.



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