Writing From Roseau

Poems by Kera Grindahl, Lyle Lisell, Garon Schumacher, Mia Sikorski, Sean O’Connor, Isaac Moser, and Morgan Boroos.

In My World

By: Kera Grindahl


Everyone feels like they have to belong to a group.

Weather it is based off of popularity or friendliness.

Many of these groups are reluctant to allowing new people.

Outsiders is their own group.

Many don’t want to be in this group.

They are put there by not choice, by not wanting the same things.

You grow away from those friends

Find yourself alone.

Not wanted by anyone.

No one to talk to.

No one to keep your secrets.

You bottle up your feelings.

You being to become angry like a ticking time-bomb.

You breakdown in your room alone.

You begin to feel all the pain you once didn’t feel.

You have nowhere to go.

You hide from all the pain.

You begin to feel hatred for yourself.

You begin to see all your flaws over your qualities.

You don’t know what to do anymore.



By: Kera Grindahl


It’s like this,

Broken down sheds.

Places to hide from your feelings.

Places you find yourself going when in your darkest times.

Puppies scattered everywhere,

Looking for love and attention.

You watch them as you play with them,

Hoping it’s enough to make you feel good.



By Lyle Z. Lisell




Six or seven stars

Not far

The stars


Across the sky



By Lyle Z. Lisell


Deep in the

Abyss, Looking, for the





By Isaac Moser


I didn’t know I’d miss

The five minute drive home

Letting me clear out my head

And my thoughts


I didn’t know I’d miss

This school

Seeing your bestfriends everyday

And screwing around in every single class


I didn’t know I’d miss

The backroads

Driving around with friends

Listening to music


I’d didn’t know I’d miss


The place where I was born and raised

The place that I am lucky to call home.



By Isaac Moser


Frantically running, swaying your

Arms, Nothing but

Speed, Hoping to get the best

Time possible.



By Sean O’Connor


Leaves on the trees


falling as if the trees are weeping


The hue of the fallen brightly make the bare trees well known


The somber white noise


The interruption of crunching leaves


The light essence of the bleak breeze


The lack of a particular smell but recognizable nevertheless.  



By Sean O’Connor

Depression is like a cake

It layers up until

It becomes too heavy to support itself.



By: Morgan Boroos


Listen to the pack back zippers.


Listen to the quiet scribbling of pencils rushing to get all their ideas written. Accompanied by the squeal of mechanical pencils as their lead slowly shortens leaving words on the once plain page.


Listen to the fluttering of paper and the pink rubbery erasers quickly scratching off the mistakes made by a panicky pencil.



By: Morgan Boroos

We zone

Out, to ponder


Dreams that capture

Every one of our hopes, and

Renew our spirits.



By Mia Sikorski


        Be like the sun,


Something you can depend on


To bring light to the darkness


        Be like the sun.




By Mia Sikorski


I didn’t know i loved summer air brushing my face as i’m driving on dirt roads listening to music

I didn’t know i loved the two stop lights symbolizing how small the town really is

I didn’t know i loved familiarity.



By Garon Schumacher


First flight from the nest

Away from home



Isn’t it wiser to forget the whole idea?



By Garon Schumacher






Number one fan.





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