Writing From Roseau

Poems by Jordyn Bergstrom, Evan Peppel, Kallie Byfuglien, Mariah Huglen,  and Haylee Bennett.



By Jordyn Bergstrom



Every thought, they say it’s


Right, what if its not?


“Things I Didn’t Know I Loved so Much”

By Jordyn Bergstrom


Four years apart, sixteen years in the same house

Now she’s gone.


Wow I’m so excited

I said as she packed up her life into suitcases and left

Her empty bedroom at the end of the hallway saddens me.


Yay we don’t have to fight anymore

because she’s gone

I wish I would’ve realized how much I’ve loved her all along


Seeing her now is the greatest gift

She will always be my best friend

My sister who is in college.



By Haylee Bennett


Leaving this small beautiful town

Will be hard. I will be on my own

Journey without the people I was

Able to see to see everyday.

Missing out on those high school

Sports games will be hard.

Not being able to go to church every

Sunday and sitting with my dad in the pew

Behind the piano that my mom plays

Will be harder. The hardest thing will

Not being able to stay up late with my

Brother and parents to watch movies or just

To talk about our week. My parents want

My next journey to be a fresh start.

But leaving my life I’ve only known will be

Very hard.


Happiness is like a flower

By Haylee Bennett


It buds in the spring.

They grow to be bold and beautiful.

They are given to show love and sorrow.

It is beautiful for a week maybe longer,

But after that it starts to wilt and later die.



By Haylee Bennett


Everyone wonders.

Not all for the same reason.

Some wonder what the day may bring

Others wonder what they might wear.

Some wonder in fear.


The Night

By Kallie Byfuglien


I didn’t know I loved the silence

of the midnight streets.

I didn’t know I loved the street lights

supplying the glow of the night.

I didn’t know I loved the lack of motion,

the stillness of it all.

I didn’t know I loved the mystery

of the lone car passing by.

I didn’t know I loved the owl

singing in the tree.

I didn’t know I loved the constellations,

the art in the sky.

I didn’t know I loved the art,

The art of the night.


Safety Ladder

By Kallie Byfuglien


It is like this

The sparkling stars

The luminescent moon

The feeling of serene safety

Nestled in blankets, with wonder

nestling in my mind

The long ladder that leads me to safety

To the roof.



By Mariah Huglen


Clean room, white room, summer breeze through the window

Closet full of clothes I love, too many to chose from

Smells sweet in my bedroom

Thinking about the city right now, New york

my next outfit that I want

What I’m going to make and sew this summer.


I didn’t know I loved…

By Mariah Huglen


The genuine people

My clean bedroom

The quiet nights

Knowing everybody’s name

Biking around town without a worry in the world

Visiting grandma and painting her nails

Getting excited when I see the city lights.


Truth is like Pizza

By: Evan Peppel


There are lots of different types

in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.  


Everybody likes it but nobody wants to give any

away and almost everyone has some in the freezer.


It can be made by you or by someone else.

It is something everyone wants but not everybody gets.


Hunting cabin

By: Evan Peppel


It is like this gray gate with a chain. Green grass with a yard, a cabin, and a shed. Pinetree patches separating two fields.


Deer, partridge, wolves, and deer stands everywhere. Trails through the forest wind in the leaves


A dog running to flush a bird one gets up a shot breaks the silence with a loud crack feathers fly and then they fall.



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