Writing from Roseau

Poems by Selina Skoglund, Tyler Dirks, Bo Monsrud, Kara Borneman, Veronica Jacques, Skyler Thingvold, Lindsay McFarlane, and Gaby Gallaga Moreno.


By Selina Skoglund


something that moves you,

makes you feel invincible

you don’t know what

you’ll see

you don’t know what

you’ll see

you don’t know

what you will find

it takes you,

away from a reality

it might be frustrating

it might be amazing

when you are done

you will feel relaxed

like anything can happen

you never know

what you will

learn from Nature  


I miss it

By Selina Skoglund

Things I didn’t know I loved

I didn’t think I loved her house

as much as I do.

the walls painted a silky yellow

outside on the bright blue swings

I miss it

taking a nap while watching Rapunzel

waking up to fresh baked cookies

walking wherever the sidewalk took us

putting 100 different lotions on

my dad picks me up

I can’t wait to go back

little did I know,

It would disappear soon

I miss it



By Selina Skoglund


It’s what I feel

What I see

I don’t know why

Maybe it’s because

My mom drinks every night

Maybe it’s because

She can’t stop smoking

She tries to buy my love for her

I don’t want or like it

Maybe it’s because no one listens

No one sees me struggling

Every single day

I try to be and act happy

It works,

I don’t want it to

I try to make my family proud

I don’t know if it’s working



Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

By  Tyler Dirks

I was packing my boxes

To leave to college

When I noticed  that

I Didn’t know that I loved

The smell of fresh cut grass

When I stood on dry, rocky dirt

And I didn’t Know I loved the

Fresh smell of pollen blowing in the

Wind as all I can see is

Tress, fields, and the tractors.


I Was Like

By  Tyler Dirks

I was like this in the deer stand

Bitter cold with snow on the crisp leaves

Nothing to hear but the sound of your breathe

And with nothing to see but the

Hot red, orange flame

You sit and wait to hear or see

A  single thing.


Anger like Sandwich

by Bo Monsrud


Anger is like a sandwich


Some make them really well,

and others handle the same way


It is made up of many things


You can make it really quick

or you can take your time


One minute it is there

and the next it is gone


Sometimes they last a while

but nobody likes those.


I was like This

by Bo Monsrud


I was like this in the Rocky Mountains

Cool thin air blowing across my face

Bright green pines swaying in the wind

Elk grazing in the never-ending fields

Peaks going for miles and miles

Winding trails into the unknown

Watching the bustling cities below

Gleaming in the summer sun.


A Ring of Fire

By Kara Borneman

Just before sunset, the sun, a ring of fire.

The brilliant, intense glare.



By Kara Borneman



Empty of choices.


Every opportunity

Ringing at my door.


My Home Town

By veronica jacques


It is like this…

A mile from the beach was my home,

rollerblading, biking, or walking almost

everyday to go lay on the warm, soft sand.


The smell of the green cut grass in the

morning when I wake up. Starting my day off

seeing grandma or Auntie Sandie right around

the corner from my home was her big and

beautiful home.


Michigan is my home town, until 8 years old

everything was different moving 10 hours away.

Summers are what I look forward to. Seeing family and

old friends from Michigan, my home town.





In my world…

There are clouds, clouds high up in the

sky where it is blue and bright.

White and fluffy with the sun shining through.



By Skylar Thingvold



Until the




Deer Lake

By Skylar Thingvold


It is like this…


Through the tall pine trees

A small log cabin secluded from the world


Down the hill,

On homemade wooden steps


The lake. Deer Lake

Smooth as glass, clear, quiet and calm


The old wooden dock jets into the lake

Pontoon on the left, for cruising the night

Speedboat on the right for ripping the water on tubes and skis


Between the cabin and the lake, after a long day

A crocheted hammock, for reading books and taking naps in the summer sun


The sound of birds on a sunny morning, breakfast is ready


Hours on the lake

Sunrise to sunset.


Moments I did not know I loved…

By Gabriela Gallaga Moreno


I didn’t know I loved those mornings, where Haru was cooking breakfast,  I didn’t know what was it, but I knew that the smell was good.


I didn’t know I loved those little nonsense fights with her in the afternoon.


I didn’t know how much I loved those searchings in the sky, looking for something we haven’t seen before.


I didn’t know how much I loved to be with my friends doing nothing.


I didn’t know how much I loved those moments where I wasn’t able to stop laughing.


I didn’t know…


The Beach

By Gabriela Gallaga Moreno


That mysterious place where a lot of things happen every day and nobody knows about them.

Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, sometimes relaxing, sometimes stressful, everything depends on your mood.

Have you been on the beach, when the moon is showing her magnificence?

thinking are the waves going to touch my feet?

is something going to appear in the water?

is the rabbit in the moon staring at me?

All of these thoughts are crossing your mind while the people around you are laughing, eating, having a conversation with each other; but this doesn’t bother you, you are falling asleep with the rabbit in the moon staring at you.


Blue Jean Beauty

by Lindsay McFarlane



small and short

or tall and wide

Not everyone wears jeans

some wear dresses or suits

Others stay in their pajamas

Most are denim

but can be found in black, white, or khaki

Many different styles are made to fit anyone


Did You Hear It?

by Lindsay McFarlane


Listen to the crunching of leaves

Listen to the crashing of waves

Listen to cars go by

Listen to familiar voices

Listen to the pitter patter of rain

Listen to the scratch of pencil on paper

Listen to feet tapping on concrete

Listen to everything there is

It might be the last time



by Lindsay McFarlane

Walk inside

The smell of cleaning supplies and whiteboard markers invade my nose

As a five-year-old,

my sensory triggers go off

Bright lights and extraordinary colors

Little voices take over the room

I see a red container

filled with sand

Just the right height

Pairs and pairs of hands move through the ivory sand

Time for a break you say

Fruity loops are in my bowl today

It’s storytime

Find a square on the rainbow mat

The day is almost done

but my life has just begun.


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