Writing From Roseau

Poems by Jerry Bender, Dawson Diesen, Braydn Wensloff, Tucker Lundgren, Julia Braaten, Izzy Powassin-Hage David Nelson, Kaden Cockle, and Cade Brinkman.


By Jerry Bender


Going downhill, all I see is white

The only thing that I’m thinking is that I want some skittles

I race my friends to the bottom of the hill trying to be the first one there

But suddenly I’m in the air

I fly in the air for what feels like forever, then I hit the ground and

I feel pain

I try to get up

But my arms won’t let me

I look up and there are people all around me

All that I am thinking is

I want Skittles.


The Shop

By: Dawson Diesen

It is big.

This is where my family and I fix stuff.

During the winter it’s a snowmobile race shop.

My little cousins and I hang out here a lot.

This is where I welded the flatbed for my pick up.

I repainted my pick up here.

Along the west wall is the workbench and toolboxes.

Along the north wall is grease and oil.

On the east wall is pallet racking with parts.



By: Dawson Diesen


Outside of home.

Scared to not be found.

Time is running out to be found.



By Braydn Wensloff


Time never stops

Is like a soldier marching

Marching that never stops



Deer Stand

By Braydn Wensloff


Sitting in the stand

Sounds are almost non-existent

So still and calm

My happy place

Sitting in the stand.


The beauty of life

By Kaden Cockle

Buffalo a time spent with friends and family

Beautiful blue skies

Big Lake of The Woods right next to us

Bay fishing for some excellent walleye

Beginning of july 80 degree weather

Beautiful weather and time well spent.


Be a tree

By Kaden Cockle

Be like a tree they are so beautiful

They don’t have drama

They love life with all the roots they have

Trees live to be very old

Trees have millions of friends

Blow in the wind at a perfect degree

Until you hear a crack then you have lost a friend or family member

They are just amazing and beautiful.


Tiny Terror

By Isabella Powassin-Hage

Anxiety accumulates when I step in the room

My mother sits carefully on the couch by my side


We wait for Her to begin

I wish I wasn’t here.


I am very careful when I look at the clock

I don’t want to be really rude


The session gradually gets flowing

I start feeling the security and safeness of the tiny room


I am glad I’m here.


Life Changes

By Isabella Powassin-Hage

My world used to be

Full of black and white pictures

Slow movements in time

Lost dreams

Lost hope

Lost future.

Everything is different now.

In my world,

I can now see all the beautiful colors life has to offer,

Everything I see now is not frozen in time,

But moving with life

I dream of having a family to whom I can kiss goodnight

I now hope that I can get into med school

My life has just begun

There is so much more ahead of me.

I can’t wait to see what happens.



By Tucker Lundgren







Missing my home town

By Cade Brinkman

If and when I leave Roseau,

I would miss seeing my family.

I would miss spending time with my brother and sister.

I would miss my best friends,

Especially, one best friend who is graduating this year.


The Cross

By Cade Brinkman

Christ Jesus died for us.

Resurrection is his prayer.

Overcame death.

Sins are forgiven form death,

Savior to all, no matter who sins.



By Julia Braaten


Everyone make mistakes

They just happen

They come unexpected

Some are good

Some are bad

They can be very sad

They make us wonder

Even leave us to ponder,

“Why did we do that?”

They can make us feel like we have messed up everything

That instead of taking a right,

We turned left

But in the end, mistakes teach us life lessons

We learned the rights and the wrongs

They help us grow, like a newborn baby

Mistakes are a way of life

It’s apart of who we are

They happen to us all

We can’t avoid them

Mistakes are inevitable.


Spectacular Stars

By: Julia Braaten


The stars

Oh, what wonderful things

That light up the night sky

What spectacular shining objects

How magnificent they can be  

Making it easy for us to see.


The Lake

by David Nelson

The lake is calm, cool in the morning,

not a sound on the lake,

Except the laughter we have,

Three short hours later

Everyone on the lake is very vivacious,

Skiing and tubing how treacherous the fall.



by David Nelson

Takes effort

Running fast

As we want to win

Caring is hard

Kick me now.

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