Writing From Roseau

Poems by Kate Helgeson,  Ben Johnson, Brooke Santl, Sierra Detweiler, Maverick Jacobson, April Eback, Brock Monstrud, Waylon Teague, and Zach Jaenicke.

The Rink

By Kate Helgeson


The place with loud cheering

and the sound of buzzers blasting

when a goal is scored.

The smell of fresh ice,

and stinky equipment too.

The scrape of blades grinding into the ice,

is therapy to me.

It’s a familiar sound,

that I will never forget.

We rush into the rink,

as it is warmer than the frigid air outside.

Every move,

every shot,

has been practiced at the rink.

Parents screaming,

sticks clunking,

and pipes dinging,

are the sounds that would usually startle someone,

but not me.


Time is Like a Bed

By Kate Helgeson


Time is like a bed.  

We rest on it.

Take advantage of it.

We crave it.

Like it’s always going to be there,

until it’s not.

Until it’s our last minutes on Earth.

Laying in a bed with monitors, doctors,

and wearing a tie pajama gown.

People crowded around the bed,

saying their goodbyes.

Life is limited, and so is a bed.

One minute it’s there,

the next minute it’s gone.


“Hunting spot”

By Waylon Teague


The hunting spot is a quiet place.

It is where i regain my sanity from school and the summer.

I like to gaze at the deer while eat and pass by.

I hunt to go out and enjoy the quietness and the beautiful scenery.

I like to watch the deer through my scope as the graze, sometimes 10 yards away from me. They are very pretty and graceful.

Some days it is warm, other days and it extremely cold and bitter.

We sit out and wait for the right deer to show up, and take a crack at it.

It is crazy what humans put themselves through, just to get that rush of adrenaline, and the bittersweet feeling of shooting a deer.


“I didn’t know i loved the frogs”

By Waylon Teague


I didn’t know i loved the frogs.

The frogs croak all night long at my house.

They are everywhere.

When we leave our garage door open, they tend to hop their way in. During the summer, we

would have at least 20 frogs next to, or in the garage at all times, jumping around.

in our ditches, there are thousands of tadpoles swimming around, waiting to become a frog.



By Brooke Santl

She may be shy but don’t underestimate her.

She may be shy but doesn’t mean ignore her.

She may be shy but that doesn’t mean she has no voice.

She may be shy but that’s no reason to talk about her.

She may be shy, she may be quiet but she hears you.

She always hears you. Don’t underestimate her.



By Brooke Santl

In my world life isn’t perfect,

there are ups and downs.

There are parts where you just wanna give up,

but then there’s the parts that make you wanna live forever.

Life might not be fair,

But you gotta deal with it what you have.

And never forget that you are here for a reason,

find that reason.

Never give up.


Anger is like a bomb

by Sierra Detweiler

If reckless with it

It can explode


If it has a timer

Its waiting to blow up


If used for war

It creates conflict


Once triggered it

Creates damage.


In My World

by Sierra Detweiler

In my world

I go to school,

Where i feel



In my world

I go home,

Where i feel



In my home

I lay in bed,

Feeling sadness and



In my home

There are fights

With feelings of anger and



In my heart

I feel cold



But despite all the

Pain and madness,

I know in my heart

Things will





By: April Eback


Love, often hard to explain

    But very meaningful.


     Everyone has their own definition

   Or thought behind it.


       Recording the Sky

                    By: April Eback


A beautiful moon and planets

 Stars glowing

Bright lights glaring at you,

 Your eyes

Some so bright it’s hard to see

 A beautiful




By Maverick Jacobson


Its like this-

Alexandria is a place with a bunch of lakes

When your on a boat the breeze from the wind is gentle

You make the water go splash

When you jump in it ik,

You can run to the beaches

Cause there’s so many

Alexandria makes you feel free



By Maverick Jacobson


They’re playing basketball

We love that basketball

They’re playing basketball

We love that basketball

Basketball is my favorite sport

Dribbling up and down the court

I like slam dunks take me to the hoop

My favorite play is the alley-oop

I like the pick and roll, i like the give and go

Cause its basketball.


The Lake

By Brock Monsrud

The long suspenseful ride to get there.

The Canadian customs I go through on the way.

The campground I arrive at when I get there.

The murky water in the shallow marina.

The smell of fries and cheese from the small food stand.

The rough ride onto the huge lake.

The sun beating down on the swaying boat.

The chirping seagulls we throw chips out for.

The super slimy fish we catch.

The stories we tell of past fishing trips.

The soothing summer music we listen to.

The filthy fillet house our fish get cleaned in,

and the fishing memories that will last forever.


British Columbia

by Ben Johnson


It is like this

A big beautiful providence

with plenty of water

you feel so free

with your family and friends,

It sounds so peaceful and calm

As if there is no one around.


Leaving Roseau

 By Ben Johnson


I didn’t know i’d love this town

this town so much.

I didn’t know how much

i’d  miss my friends.

But, now i realize family and friends

are a huge part of my life.

Oh how could I leave this small town.



By Zach Jaenicke


The racetrack is

My special place,

With loud cars,

Fast cars,

And pretty cars

This place brings

Many memories

Sitting in the stands watching

The cars sort of jump off the line

And in an instant

The cars have finished

With my own car

I am strapped up tight


And nervous

As I watch the christmas tree drop

I slam the gas pedal

And the force whips me back,

I see the car

Side by side

We both have crossed the finish line

But I was first



By  Zach Jaenicke


Hitting the

Asphalt, my

Right shoulder was


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