Writing From Roseau

Poems by Faith Berger, Andrew Tuttle, Katie Borowicz, Aidan Walsh, Hayden Nelson, and Connor Eidsmoe.

By Faith Berger




Handle with care

Don’t scruff

Don’t scratch

Don’t smudge,



Moon Lake

By Faith Berger        

It’s like a Peterson party    

With friends, family, and dogs scattered in every direction                    

It’s like the big blue bed.                                                                                                           


With pretty white petite sheets        

It’s like a yellow dock with a

Round rubber orange bobber attached.


Moon Lake in many ways

Is home.


Things i love

By Andrew Tuttle


Start the old motor

Hear the engine roar,

Turn the music up


How I love music


Turn the blades on

Smell the fresh green grass,

Hours on the machine feel like minutes,

Who would have thought


Mowing is something I love


My Moment

By Andrew Tuttle


“Two minutes”

Coach says


A rush of adrenaline,

This feels right


This is our game

We hit the field,

Under the Saturday night lights.



By: Aidan Walsh

Love is like fire and ice

Cold as a frozen over lake

Or hot as hell

It can drive a person crazy

Like wildfire burning

Or cold as a Minnesota night

But if everything turns out

It’s just right.



By: Aidan Walsh

May a wonderful time of the year Birds singing, Flowers blooming, Trees budding, Baby Animals running, Fish spawning, Fisherman catching, Turkeys strutting, Kids playing without snowsuits, People biking, Guys and Girls snacking, Friends hanging, Farmers planting, Noises going, Water flowing, Green appearing, Lake days coming, Late nights starting, Early mornings ending, Fire nights blazing, May a wonderful time of the year.





by Katie Borowicz

Waking up sweating

Pulling my feet inside the covers

Blackness is all I see


Wondering if it’s over

The people

Trying to kill me


Yes it was only a dream

But it felt so real


I don’t worry

Because by tomorrow

It’ll be forgotten


Hate is like fire

by Katie Borowicz

It can be started by a person

It can change color by how hot it is

The more you feed it, the higher it gets

It keeps burning till there’s nothing left

But It won’t stop till it’s put out


          The Box

by Katie Borowicz

The Black box was still

Sitting silently on the ground

All alone in this big world

The wind wildly blowing

Back and forth

But it’s still there,

Wanting to look if something is inside

But it’s ice-cold to the touch

The sun starts setting

Making the black box harder to see

No one will see it

Till the sun rises again.


Great Grandma’s house

By Hayden Nelson


At great grandma’s house it was like this

Loving family sitting in the low lit living room

Tightly filling the room with the furnace in it

Crying as I clear out your old house

I finally get to explore the upstairs that had been uninhabited for years

Now your life is in two mounds

The mound where your house used to be

And the mound where you are

I love you Amanda.



By Hayden Nelson

The sun

Bright Orangish Yellowish

Spherical warm and

Necessary for all life

But like all things

Too much is bad.


Sadness is like Ice

By Hayden Nelson

Sadness is like Ice

You’ll be cold

and blue For a while

But in a while It

melts and goes



Fire is pain

By Connor Eidsmoe

It destroys all that it touches.

Leaves things scarred.

It leaves as soon as it came.

Ash is all that is left.

It’s as old as cavemen.

It’s here to stay.



By Connor Eidsmoe

Big and noticeable


In front of your eyes

Grateful we are for it

Here in




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