Writing From Roseau

Poems by Harlee Aronson, Kaylee Eidsmoe, Josh Eck, Jed Dunham, Race Knochenmus, Hannah Schneider, Andaman Sajanadumrong, and Hailey Lagoo.

I Didn’t Know I Loved

By: Harlee Aronson

I didn’t know I loved how everyone knows who you are and who your parents are too.

I didn’t know I loved when someone in town dies, almost the whole town shows up for the funeral.

I didn’t know I loved how the river flows right through the middle of town.

I didn’t know I loved how whenever you come back to this small town in Northern Minnesota, it feels like you’ve never left.

I didn’t know I loved how if you need help with anything, almost anyone is willing to help.

I didn’t know I loved how everyone in this town is almost like a family to me.

I didn’t know I loved this small town of Roseau, Minnesota.



By: Harlee Aronson

It is a place that kids go for nine months out of the year.

The place where everyone gets to see their friends for five days out of the week, but they also have to learn something there too.

This is a place where a lot of us do not like to go to, but we have to because our parents make us.

From 8:30 am to 3:15 pm is when the hallways can go from loud to quiet within five minutes.

This place is where you have your favorite teachers and classes, and your least favorite teachers and classes.

I know that a lot of us don’t like the lunches here, so we decide to go uptown for lunch.

This place has every grade from kindergarten to 12th grade.

This place is called school.


I didn’t know I loved

By Kaylee Eidsmoe

I didn’t know i loved this small town where everyone knows everyone,

I miss driving around with my friends

And  not having to worry about the rest of the world,

I didn’t know I loved school with my classmates and friends,

I didn’t know I loved where I lived

until I was gone.    

( had to make a correction)



By Kaylee Eidsmoe

The Fierce wind,


The lemon-bright leaves onto,

The solitude,

Country roads.


By Jed Dunham






Things I Miss

By Jed Dunham


The sounds of birds singing

After six months of an ice cold winter


The energy I had all day long

Many years ago


The free time I had every day

I would not spend on phones


Oh the things that I miss

I never thought I would.


By: Race Knochenmus




Is ice cold



By: Race Knochenmus


It is cold outside

But not in this place


Mats all around me

Sweats and long sleeves


Taking shots and practicing throws

And when I’m done I go and run


Covered in sweat

I get on the scale and I’m still 3 pounds over.


Most of the Time

By Hannah Schneider


Most of the time we run

We run, faster and faster through life

Catching memories in hand as we go

But most of the time we don’t look down

We don’t stop

To see our hands or what is held

Most of the time we keep running

As fast as we can

Feeling like life is a race


But when we get old we stop

We stop running and look down

To see all the the moments

Parts of our lives we missed because we were

Too busy running

They were telling us to stop


But we kept running, nonstop

Most of the time it’s too late



By Hannah Schneider


It was better In the sun

To find something good

To stand still

To stand perfectly still

And think of what it was like

To be alive.


By Joshua Eck


Life has many things in store, it never runs out of moments.

Yes, you will feel pain. Yes, you will feel joy. Yes, you can live a full life.

You only get one life though, so make it count.

Cherish your family and friends, go out and explore the world and discover new things!

Don’t sit around and miss out on life.

You can make a change in the world and bring new things to the world.

You are you, and you can do anything if, you just give yourself the motivation to do it.


The Star
By Joshua Eck

The search for a fascinating star has taken several years, but you have finally found it.

You cheer with and celebrate but then, a violent explosion occurs.

The star is dying and imploding on it’s core, unable to support itself!

You thought you’d come all this way just for nothing.

Your body becomes numb and your vision becomes blurry from your salty tears.

Your bottom lip starts trembling.

All of the sudden a loud bang occurs and you are blinded by a bright flash of light!

You wipe away your tears and look around to see what happened.

Your eyes widen and your eyes start watering.

But you can feel your heart repairing itself, filling you with awe.

You process what you’re looking at and drop to your knees.

Seeing the star you thought was dead.

Was brighter than ever seeing that it shines even brighter than ever.

You just witnessed a supernova.

You now finally feel complete.


Cell like a Sandwich

By Andaman Sajjanadumrong


A sandwich is like a plant cell.

The bread of a sandwich is like a cell wall,

it holds it altogether.

The ball in the center of the cell, the nucleus,

is like the meat in a sandwich

because it is the most important part.

The powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria,

is very much like a tomato slice.

The ribosome of the cell is like the cheese,

they both compliment the other parts

of the sandwich and the cell.

The chloroplasts of the cell

are like the lettuce pieces in a sandwich

it adds that freshness

that every cell and sandwich needs.


Things I didn’t know I loved

By Andaman Sajjanadumrong


I sat in third hour English

provided with a task of writing a poem

about the things I love.

I stared hard at nothing

Trying to figure out

the things I love.

It shouldn’t be that hard, my brain says.

It is my brain, though,

that cannot come up with anything.

How ironic, I said.

Irony, that is one thing I didn’t know I loved.



 Things I didn’t know I loved

   By: Hailey Lagoo

I never thought I loved

the weird smell of Boise, or

the endless number of birds,

chirping in the morning.

I never thought I loved

the sound of trains rushing by,

or even the calm waves of the lake.

I never thought I loved these,

until I left home.


        Time is like a Sandwich

  By: Hailey Lagoo

Time is like a sandwich.

You go through obstacles to make it,

and in the end,

it is just eaten away.

A sandwich can have to much or too little.

Just like us humans can have

to much or too little,



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