Writing From Roseau

Poems from 4th Hour

Roseau High School, Sophomore Class



By Dominic Lussier


Darkness is a strength.

After you get over the fear of the dark,

What’s to be scared of now?



By Aidan Walsh


May, a wonderful time of year. Birds singing, flowers blooming

Trees budding, baby animals running, fish spawning, fisherman catching,

Turkeys strutting, kids playing without snowsuits, people biking,

Guys and girls snacking, friends hanging, farmers planting,

Noises going, water flowing, green appearing, lazy days coming,

Late nights starting, early mornings ending, fire nights blaring,

May is a wonderful time of the year.



By Adam Wrede


1. Bait (worm)

2. Tackle box

3. Pole

4. A good chair.



By Mariah Huglen


Clean room white room summer breeze through

The window closet full of clothes. I have

Too many to choose from. Smells sweet

In my bedroom. Thinking about

The city right now, New York, my next outfit

That I want, what I’m going to make

And sew this summer.


And Then

By Kallie Byfuglien


Screaming, crying, running

Where are they?

They’re gone.

My teeth, they’re gone

In one instant

They are gone.

Screaming for my mom.

It caught me by surprise.

The rope, the bike, the sun

And then they were gone.

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