Roseau High School

Poems from 5th Hour

Roseau High School, Sophomore Class



By Damien Larson


Snow, a slippery word

When balled it can

Be fun to play

With, when wet

It is very much

Easier to pack.


Spruce Trees

By Josie Johnson


The climbing tree I used as a child

The single dead, yet sturdy branch

Used to begin climbing, branches

Wrapping around like a spiral staircase

High into the sky, feeling tall.

I could see over the top of the house.

Enjoying the view and the fresh air.

Getting away from my house and

My siblings. An escape from regular life.

A change in my point of view.



By Brock Monsrud


I wait in my boat with my rod.

I grab a worm and put it on my hook.

I talk to my family while I wait.

I take a bite of my grandma’s sandwich.

I feel a fish biting my hook.

I set the hook very hard on the fish.

The sun is glaring off the water.

The wind has a bitter chill to it.

I deal with y grandpa’s jokes.

The boat rocks back and forth.




By Isaac M


To me fishing is hanging out

With family and/or friends and catching

Some fish.  The different types of

Fish baits and hooks we used in the past.

How we used to own a couple of boats

And go fishing literally every weekend. Reeling

In the big fish and having it fight back or

The bad feeling of losing a nice one.


In the Parking Lot

By Elizabeth Danielson


Family all in one car

Four sisters and a brother in the back.

Dad driving in the parking lot

Spinning the car in circles

The children are laughing and smiling

Like they’re on a roller coaster.

The door flies open

The wind captures the youngest sister

Pulling her out of the car at a rapid pace

Throwing her on the ground coaxing the blood.

Screaming from the children in the car

Crying from the little ones

Running to get her.

The scar by her eye never faded.



By Mia


Coffee hot or iced, almond milk

Come in, clock in change into shirt,

Help customers, putting whipped

Cream on top, have a nice day,

Cleaning up, make myself a coffee,

Four pumps caramel, ice, almond

Milk, four shots of espresso

In a drink that gets 2 caps

Straw, drink it, wait for more

Customers to come in, clean

Up and do it again next shift.


The Lake

By Kate Helgeson


The place we go every year in the summer.

Family from across the country

Comes to the cabin on Lake Nebagamon.

It has been our second home for four generations.

Four cabins, all next to each other.  Every time we

Go to the lake, we tube and ski—a must.

I still remember the sounds, smells, colors

Of the cabin. The motor smell of the speed

Boat, the smell of sunscreen, the taste

Of watermelon.



By Waylon Teague


Fishing is to go out into a lake

Or river, trying to catch a certain

Type of fish. Trying to catch your personal

Best fish.  The suspense of when that monster

Fish might show up and bite your hook is immense.

The thrill of the bite and the hook is unspeakable.

The moment you land the fish is a rush of triumph

And relief.

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