Writing From Roseau

Poems from 3rd Hour

Roseau High School, Sophomore Class


The Body Sinks In

By Lindsay McFarlane


Soft and warm, the body sinks in. Eyelids

Fluttering. Heat comes over you. Muscles

Let go of the tension. Light flies out of the room

With a click. Memories fade along with




By Hannah Schneider


Together around

The table we share

The memories of youth

Or the troubles of today.

Grounded, roots deep into the earth

The place I know

And will always be called home.


Life Has Many Things in Store

By Joshua Eck


Life has many things in store, it never runs

Out of moments. Yes, you will feel pain. Yes, you will feel

Joy.  Yes, you can live the fullest life. You only got one life,

So make it count. Cherish your family and friends. Go out


And explore the world. Discover new things.

Don’t sit around and miss out on life.  You can make

A change in the world, anyone could!  You are you and you can do

Anything you’ve ever wanted to do if you just

give yourself the motivation to do it.



By Selina Skoglund



Something that moves you

Makes you feel invincible

You don’t know what

You’ll see out there

You don’t know what

You’ll hear

You don’t know

What you will find

It takes you away

Away from a reality

That might be frustrating

That might be amazing

When you’re done

You feel relaxed

You feel like

Anything can happen

You never know

What you’ll learn

From nature.


Home, what is it?

By Caden Jolicoeur


Home, what is it?

Home is caring ad warm,

But is home where your parents are?

My home is home, but I know it isn’t home.

My home isn’t here, but instead in a different country.

Which may seem far away. And sometimes feels like it is,

Even though it is not.

My home has trees around it, cedar, pine, poplar

Cherry, apples all planted before me.

My home has a large woodworking shop

Where I can hear my grandpa building something.

I can smell the exhaust of the old two stroke motor

On my boat, before being taken to the lake.


Everybody Knows Everybody

By Masynn Janicke


Everybody knows everybody.

Sometimes a little too well.

If something of the slightest

Happens, the town will know.

It is small here, so there is not

Much to do.

It seems that people want

To know, to make up for being bored.

Everybody knows everybody.



By Lillian Butler


She sits on her brown rocking chair with a blank

Sheet of paper thinking about everything. I can see her.

I’ve known her for 16 years. She’s always been the to

Make sure everyone is having a good day. So everyone thinks

She doesn’t have that many problems of her own.

But what they don’t see is all the dark, loneliness, scares

And the close to the breaking point.  She’s very close

To the end of the road, but yet she stays. When you see her

She’s smiling, joking around, having the best time of her life.

But when she’s alone that’s when the demons come and say hi.

I’ve known her for 16 years because she is me.





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