End of 3rd Avenue

By Alyssa Turgeon


It was like this-

Riding my bike fast

Hair blowing in the wind

The sound of my wheels spinning fast,

I put my feet out

Maybe even close my eyes for a second;

As I open them I look up

At that exact moment I feel like I’m in the forest

The trees meet branch to branch and cover the sky above the road

The tan house has its lights glowing by seven pm

I am in the moment

I am free.

by Jonathan Hosaluk 

Ground metal

Smokey smells

Old vehicles

With powerful

New souls

Freshly filled

Tanks ready

To be

Burned on

The open


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
By Jarrett Nelson


I didn’t know i loved big cities

Monthly trips to visit relatives

Seeing lots of cars and buildings

They begin to grow on me

No black empty fields

No one that knows who you are

No one lie here, in this town

For in this everyone knows you

They are glad to start negative things

But not once is someone to say something kind

More than willing to drag you down

But too incompetent to help you up

The place where i learn

Much too controlled, no freedom

Teachers and higher ups

So idiotic in thinking they own the town

For they’re much smaller than they think

I would not miss this town

If i were to leave i would be filled with joy

No politics, no bias decisions

No adults with heads bigger than the town itself

I will miss a few

But it would be worth the escape

From this little town, filled with

More cretins than that population sign states

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