Writing From Roseau

No Chance
by Sawyer V. Klatt


Forgive me father, because I don’t know what to do

I just didn’t have the chance to ever meet you

So when you see me, you wont know what i’ll be

You should feel bad because you left me

when I was



Changing of Seasons

By Chloe Johnson


I sprout from the twig on the tree

A light spring green I am

Grow and Grow

I change to a dark, kelly green

Soon I change once more

To the colors of a sunset

Wilt and wilt

I am dark and ugly now

I feel strange and I’m becoming stiff

Trembling from the twig

Down and Down

I fall to the cold ground.


If I left
By Sam Grafstorm


I would miss the wild life

And outdoors, if I had to leave

I would also miss all of the

Sports that I play

And my friends and

Family that live here.

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