Writing From Roseau

On Friday we wrote a class poem about the things we didn’t know we loved about Roseau.  Here is a part of that poem…

Things We Didn’t Know We Loved
by students from Ms. Olsen’s sophomore class

I didn’t know I’d miss the land
the safety of knowing
no fear of the unknown.
I didn’t know that I loved being human.
I’m going to miss the dirt road that
lead to nowhere.
I didn’t know I’d miss this school
that knows me,
the hot asphalt melting my shoes,
all the open fields,
the late night drives,
the silence,
the garden.
I’ll miss watching the chickens strut around.
I’ll miss my mother.
I never knew I loved the farm fields
that never end.
I knew I loved the calm and soothing sound
of the river going from one place
to the next.
I never knew I could miss what was always before
my eyes.
I didn’t know we learn more than we are taught.
I didn’t know I loved understanding.



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