Writing From Roseau

By Destiny Wojciehowski

Wake up run to edge of the water

Setting into the cool moist sand waiting

Waiting for the bright yellow and warm pink colors of the sunshine.

Walking back smelling the juicy bacon

Listening to the birds sing so joyfully.


By: Krista Field

    The urge you struggle to suppress

The Urge to eat all the cake

To yell at the top of your lungs

To hit the wall

To cry at night

The urge to end it all

To crawl To hide

To be invisible and never heard

The urge to talk when no one cares

The urge to scream and shout




By: Emma Haugen

Having to let go when I am not ready

Floating in the dark sky, all alone

Deflating more as time goes on

The loneliness creeping out

Reaching outward to a big,

bright yellow ball of light

Coming to my end

I am free



By: Emma Haugen

Friends gather around

Eyes crinkling, nose wrinkling, dimples peeking out

Teeth shining bright, laughter heard everywhere

Gathered in a small crowd, feeling of sadness vanishing

Everyone smiling, happiness filling the atmosphere.


By: Jessica Howard

I like saying the letter Z
It leaves a satisfying tingling on my tongue
The shape. Simple
Just three straight lines
Yet easily embellished
It’s sound
Like bees humming a happy tune
During spring time
On days sunny and warm
Z is unique and final
The last letter to be thought.
The last letter to be sung.
I like saying the letter Z.


Band Room
By: Jessica Howard

It’s like this.
Quite, cold, lifeless, empty.
It’s not always this still.
Before and after school.
1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th hour.
It’s bursting with life!
People bubbling about with jubilance and excitement
Chittering and chattering
Scales going up and down and up and down and up again
Excitement rises with the kinetic energy
The room is red hot now.
Chaos rises with the combined energy of our family
The room feels like it might burst
Then the director steps upon the podium.
And the room is quiet again.
The scales rise up and down and up and down.
Pure, precise, calculated.
As life is breathed through our instruments.
We, are at peace.


By sonja brewer


Miraculous in size

Outstanding in sight

Underestimated beauty


Trees along the sides

And forever it stays

Indigenous beauty within



Let’s Go
by Faith Restad

Slab of cement

Dog leash in my hand

Lets go travel.


Anger of a River
By Faith Restad

Destructing everything in its path

Flowing rapidly





One Single Grasp
By: Sydney McKinney


All she sees is a dark death black


All she hears is a deafening silence


Her eyes are a candy apple red from the oceans within her

A Blade

The edge almost haunts her as she looks

No Light

No Sounds

No. Nothing.

A hand

His hand is held out, offering some peace

One grasp

Warmth, safety, maybe even joy

Almost szimpatikus to her

It took one grasp

Time have truly changed

Her sight is full of rainbows

His laughter fills her silence

Her eyes, crystal clear and white




All gone

Simple because of one single grasp.


Love is Like A River
By: Sydney McKinney

The beginning is so calm

Steady. Peaceful.

The farther down it goes?

White water appears

A fall is ahead


After tumbling down with a hard landing

It is still


Suddenly peaceful yet again

Floating like the fall was never there.




So empowering,


The way it makes you feel,


It can be raw,


May be positive,



Sadness and Books
by Logan Kirchoffner

Whenever i read a book

I get sad because

I could be doing

Something better that waste my

On something i hate

I could be doing something i like

Like playing baseball

Playing fortnite


Books bring sadness.


By Bryden Johnson
(Welsh) A place where a person or even an animal feels it ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming.

When I’m in the woods.
When I’m by the river.
When I’m with friends.
I feel this.


Love is like a river
By: Sam Long

Love is like a river

It is almost never ending

It flows from people to people

And state to state

It can be choppy

But sometimes calm and peaceful.


By Emma Boris

She doesn’t leave me alone

always picking me up and carrying me around.

She doesn’t let me hide away,

all my spots are exposed.

She feeds me way to much.

and for goodness sake won’t let me go outside

when I want.

I hate my human.


Love is Like a Balloon
By: Hannah Bourman

Love is like a helium filled balloon

It just keeps floating away

You want it to stop

You like the feeling of having it there

But you don’t like seeing it drift away

You don’t like seeing it pop.


The fish in the river
By Mattias Huglen

The fish live here where the fishermen

Fish were the rapids are strong and tough

But the fishermen still fish their because

The fish live here and the fish are biting.


Hayes Lake State Park
By Andrew Tesarek

It is like this

A raging river

From this lake, fishing

On the dock of tiny fish

The canoes break this water

Like glass, hikers in the distance

Looking at it, the loon what a peaceful

Sound, a frightening fish splash in the water

Its water tastes like wax and the water goes down at max.


Confidence like a river
By: Jasmine Verbout

I don’t care what people think

Moving without thought

Flowing effortlessly through the world

Nothing gets in my way

I’m beautiful in every light

No fear of what i’m doing

Always changing

Happy with where i’m going

Knowing i’m in the right place

Nothing stops me.


By Lacey Restad
It means so much more.
We see it rise,
we see it set,
day after day,
night after night,
it is always there,
illuminating such beautiful
light and hues in the sky,
like shades of the rainbow
dancing over the horizon
as if it were the northern lights
It is the sun,
but it means so much more.



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