Writing from Roseau

Bitter Sweet Love
By Hailey Dahl
Love is like candy

Sometimes it bitter

Sometimes its sweet

Sometimes it’s both bitter and sweet

People don’t always know what kind they are getting

Until they’re at the middle of it

Everyone loves it

You can never get enough of it

No matter how .
You’ll always want a little more

Because like candy, love can be bitter-sweet.


Confidence like Money
By Olivia Urness

Sometimes you have it Sometimes you don’t

It can come just as easy as it can go

Some people give it Others would rather just take

You may have to work for it or it may just fall right in your lap

In many cases It’s something that everyone lacks

By Olivia Urness

Wonderous power
Views worth living for
Every one the
Same yet different a feeling of endless possibilities.


Adrenaline Rush
By Hannah Diesen

Coming up to a tight corner

Slowing down my snowmobile

The smell of 2-stroke

My whole body leaning

Trying to turn 500 lbs

going 70 mph

I rounded the corner

All I see ahead

Is a wide open straight away

I speed up to 100 mph

My snowmobile screaming at me

Wind on my sweaty face

In my blaze orange helmet

Hair is blowing in the cold wind

I start to slow down

For yet another tight corner

I see the finish line

The checkered flag is in the air

I cross the line

And all I feel

Is exhaustion and relief

That I made it out alive.

by Hanson O’Leary

Several days
At a
Time fly by
Unveiling a


love like water
by Abbie Miller

So incredibly abundant

Still exists dehydration

You can’t live without it

But we all take it for granted

At the lake is where I find it most

Off the dock and in my heart

You don’t notice you need it often

But when you do it’s detrimental

When you fall

You can’t help but drown.


Love Like Walmart
by frank rodriguez

Love is like walmart,

Cheap and worthless,

Love cheats you and throws you for a curve

Love is not like my target where all things are expensive and worth something

But not to me

Love is like a malicious parasite eating you from the inside out

Love is horrible.


By Brendan Lund

Cool nights by the fire with

Above average people at

Bibr Island,

In for a good time,

Never disappoints.


By Brooke Zagone

I’m rain

I’m dark and peaceful

I fill the ground with puddles

I make the sky dark blue and grey

I’m rain.


Life is water
By Amy Wensloff

Life is water

We use it everyday

Yet most take it for granted

Most people love it

Yet some don’t

We use it in many ways

Yet it is slowly slipping away

We are made up of it

Yet we could run out.


by Aaron Robb

An hour of twilight

A night of a bright day

Into the mirror

Found in the other side

A mere reflection.


Things I didn’t know I loved
By: Emma Zimmerman

If I had to leave I would feel lost
I believe that I would miss many things
My friends that help me
My family that loves me
The school that knows me
The rink that I spend early morning
The after school and Polaris traffic
Post practice cruise’s in Ronda
Even just the name itself
And who we represent

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