Writing From Roseau



We are machines
By Joseph Roseen

We are machines

Not cold of metal

But warm of constructive glory

We create ourselves

we see within ourselves

Our parts and  pieces red

That build and bind

And make us whole again

We are machines, often broken

Just as our children

Future hearts of steel

Shall remade a build

As we have hoped to be

We are machines

Forever rusting

In the eternal wind.


By Joseph Roseen

Our hearts beat to a rhythm

A rhythm we do not know

The harmonies we make our own

Do not sing for us, they shine

Making their own heart from us

Crazy our harmonies make us

Crazy we have always been

The harmonies we make, make us in return

Though we think we know our harmonies

We don’t even know the beat.

By: Jesicah Pringle

she sits
day by day
yet she sits

she speaks
her opinion wrong
yet she speaks

she sings
her tone deaf to others
yet she signs

she cries
her sounds muffled
yet she cries

she sways
to no one’s notice
yet she sways

she yells
who cares
yet she yells

she’s gone
no one to grieve
yet she’s gone

Who knew
by Jesicah Pringle

Dirty, gross, wet
It sticks against
My yellow boots as I walk
Who knew.
Loud, crazy, scary
It rolls down my window as I sleep
Who knew.

Annoying, messy, gritty
It slips in
My sandals as I skip
Who knew.

Who knew I loved these.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
By Adria Peters

I didn’t know I loved being little,

carefree, imaginative, vulnerable.

I didn’t know I loved having no responsibilities,

just play, laugh, and have fun.

I didn’t know I loved nap-time,

a break, a peaceful rest.

I didn’t know I loved being taken care of,

I wanted to do it all by myself.

I didn’t know what I had when I had it.



By Lexi Jacobson

They’re always there,
Unless you break them

They don’t move,
Unless you make them

We walk on them,
But we don’t notice

They’re like friends,
Who always listen

But even the perfect,
Can be broken.


Friendship is like water
By Kalliann Solberg

It comes and goes

It’s never the same.

Sometimes it’s clear blue

And sometimes it’s muddy black.

It evaporates away

It’s never here to stay.

At times it can be fun

And hopefully it’s never done.


By Jacob Kallis

The furious but slow moving

Ripping tearing transformation

Deadly cold hearted without thought

Of well being controlling restricting one

In thought and movement

Grows spreads in perfect conditions

Finishes with damage.


A walk in the woods
By Jace Hulst

It is like this..

There are trees all around

Animals running throughout

Only I am walking here

I go down the trail

And see a deer to my right

I keep walking farther in

I look at the leaves and see dew drops

Walking through the woods

I hear branches break

It’s a rabbit running

Hearing the wind whistle

I walk through the woods.




By: Evie Johnson

Waking up early
Running to the dock
To touch the sun
Barely poking through the trees
The water so calm

The stream so cold
From the mountain but
Yet so clean

You hear a call
So familiar
You run to the call
The grass so soft
Under your bare feet
You meet with the voice
Her hugs so soft.


By Kayla Santl

golden and heated outside

popsicles in the heat

laying near the pool

trying to get tan

my friends by my side

out in the country.


By Kyle Erickson

The sounds of birds chirping

The pleasant sound of silence

Warm rays of sunlight

Happy major chords

Melancholy minor chords

The comforts of home

Blades of green grass

The shapes of clouds

Taking in the simple things.


The Calm
by Presley Dahlgren

The calm and soothing sound

of  the river going from one place

to  the next, the slimy pike swimming

in  the algae below.


Trust is Like A Horse
By: Maddie Nix


They are calm

They give you that quiet feeling

They give you a vibe

A strong vibe

You could say anything and they are there

They have no way of telling anyone else

They are the thing

The thing you know can hurt you in an instant

But not mentally


Just knowing they won’t.


Love Like Money
By Jayden Warne

When we have enough,
We want more.
When we need it,
It’s hard to get.
When we give it,
It’s always worth it.


Happiness Like Glitter
By: Hayley Olson

It’s used for art
Too brighten up days

It brings smiles to faces
No matter the age

It can be very contagious
Spreads ever so quickly

It can create newness in lives
With sparkle, with shine.

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