Writing From Roseau

Thursday’s poems.

By Frank Rodriquez


Her hair in the air.

The distinct sound of her voice.

The laugh; oh her laugh comes out like a bell.

The way she moves.

This is her.

I will never forget her.


By Amy Wensloff


Falling heavily

Yet sometimes softly

Hitting the ground

Leaving puddles

All around.


By Justin Stephan


My voice speaks my words

Makes my sounds

And quiets my silence.


I Love the Rain
By Abbie Miller


I love the rain

The thunder in the night

The flash of lightning

Aggressively bright–

But just for a moment

Then it’s dark.


By Daniel Wensloff


It is game time.

I step to the plate.

Here’s the pitch

Up and in

I swing hard

Goodbye baseball.


Peanut Butter Cup
By Hailey Dahl


There she was

So small and delicate

She was fragile when we got her.

She smelled like the outdoors,

Fuzzy like a blanket.

Her meow was music to my ears.

She looks like a butter cup

The fragile kitty warms my heart.

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