Writing From Roseau

Places, every one.

Golf Ball
y Chase Reed


I like to run away a lot

I never listen to rules

I go swimming or jump in the mud

Or go on a walk in the forest

Whenever I want.


The Best Part
By Devon Dybedahl


The best part about the sand its

Are the boulders, berries and hills.

The boulders I would climb on day in and

day out. I would go to my secret raspberry bush

And eat until there’s no more red.
The hills of sand would shimmer

Because of all the different rocks.

I would ride up and down those hills on my quad

Shredding those rocks like carving wood.


By Jon Hosaluk


Ground metal

Smokey smell

Old cars

With new


Freshly filled

Tanks ready

To be

Burned on

The road.


By Rylie Bjerklie


Paper is usually

White and boring.

Paper gets wrinkled

And old.

It will slice you

If it is mad.


The Philippines
By Charlene Grahn


The Philippines

Is the place my mother spent her past.

Such a beautiful surrounding scenery

Everywhere you go.

Friendly faces smile.

Nobody here needs money to make

Themselves happy.

The wind makes waves in the water.

The splashing of the sea against

The shore is satisfying.

Laughter of the lively children

Fills your ears.

Birds sing songs in the sky.


By Brock Byfuglien


I have felt so

Many hands in my lifetime.

My worst enemy is a

Bat that sends me

Flying into a soft outfield.

I have been in many kinds

of gloves. I hate bats but

gloves and I usually get along.


The Dog
By Andrew Magnusson


The dog was yelling at the man to throw

The ball. Once he threw it across the road.

The dog was saying “I got it. I got it.” The dog was

Running but didn’t get what the man was saying

until he was on the road. The last words the dog said,

“I don’t like this game.”


Fallen Leaf
By Lindsey Weber


I fall from the tallest tree

Onto the frosted ground.

I’m so light the wind picks me

Up and carries me around.

I feel brittle, like I could

Easily break.


By Matthew Larson


Home has a couch that

I an sit on and a TV

I can watch with my

Mom and dad and the

Rest of the family.


By Gracie Drown


Staring at the stars on a cold summer night

Laying in the grass that is damp from the dew

Being overwhelmed by how vast the universe is

But somehow it also makes you feel calm.

The cold breeze washes over me.

Smelling the cool crisp air and hearing the crickets chirp

As I look at constellations.


I Like Fishing
By Josh Kofstad


I like fishing. There are many ways to fish

And many species to fish for. You an do anything

from netting, trapping, using bows, to just regular

rod and reel fishing.  There are so many species to fish for.


The Park
By Kilah LaPlante


The park is the place

Water washes our feet

After running in the river

And sliding down slides

Roasting rich marshmallows

On the burning bonfire.

In the woods working

Trails and climbing trees.

Smelling the sweet summer breeze.

The park is the place.


By Seraphina Johnstun


Its 4:15 p.m., in you come with the rest of your siblings.

Home from another long day of school.

You don’t even stop for a snack—you walk straight through the door and slide it closed.

Your backpack thuds on the ground, filled to bursting, with your homework, your exhaustion, your worries from another day.

You slide onto the creaky bench and simply sit for a moment.

Then your fingers come to attention.

And you begin to play.

A song you wrote yourself.

About your insecurities and sadness (though you don’t know it)

I hear your sigh and I know you’re done.

You leave me again.

But I know that some of your burden has been lifted.


By Tracey Meixner


Those few brief moments of quiet.

Quiet in a world of noise.

Awakening to the beauteous new world.

World of a brighter sun.

Sun that will share new memories

Whether happy, sad, or angry.

Memories are there to greet.

Greet you in your awakening.


By Kilah LaPlante


Golfing, the way of my life

On a wonderful summer day

Lovely breeze is wonderful

First and last holes are always the best.


By Brutus Grindahl


Home, it is like as peaceful

As the sky on a bright summer day.

It is like this relaxing place, almost like a dream.

Home is a secure place—almost like a safe.

Every home has a distinct smell like oranges do.


By Lee Campbell


Warm colors

Warm pancakes in the winter morning.

The dogs waking up now as well.

Letting them out in the snow to play.

Eating now and so are the dogs.

Out to split wood for the woodstove.

Now time to go fishing. Frigid cold

But the fish still hungry, furious to move so.

Too cold with the wild wind

We go back to the warm house.


By Gabrielle Johnson


There is a bumblebee mailbox next door

With a big German Shepherd.

Hearing Granny shuffling the floor.

You can see out in the yard.

There is a big eerie pond.

You can see all the birds.

They are Granny’s favorite to watch.

She will tell you all about them.

You get up and Granny is already up.

She is drinking her coffee in the a.m.

Don’t worry, she’s in bed by 5 o’clock.

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