Writing from Roseau

From Rose and Bryden…

As a Young Mother
By Rose Neadeau


As a young mother

It is like this

The long dreaded ambulance ride

From the vehicle

To the bed

The shot in my spine

And then to hearing your cry

The bright pastel green room

And the sun going down

Pink, orange, blue and green

Yes that was the color of the sky

The doctors come in

And hand me a pink bundle of joy

Mommy and daddy were happy

Now you live with daddy

I hope you like dancing

Its’ been three years

Since I’ve seen your smile.

Just to say I’d walk a thousand miles

My beloved baby girl

You are my entire world.



by Bryden Johnson

(Welsh) A place where a person feels it ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming.


When I’m in the woods.

When I’m by the river.

When I’m with friends.

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