Writing From Roseau

This post is poems from Ms. Olsen’s 6th  hour class of sophomores, here in Roseau.  Enjoy!

I am Where
By Kelsey Senum


I am where the smell is familiar.

Where the arguing happens.

Where the good food is made.

Where my big comfy bed is.

Where my dog greets us with his tail wagging.

I am in a place where I feel most comfortable.

I am home.


By Elijah Montana


Fire; black smoke rising.

Ash; white smoke smoldering.

Burning; constant flames, no end in sight.


Secrecy of Night
By Tracy Meixner

The darling ballerina-like shadows

Endless and yet ends at a light’s glance.

The beauteous moment of a moonlit night.

Stars mischievously twinkling their way into the heart.

Letting the night creatures roam about,

No fear of humans,

No fear of any kind of predator.

 Just as the sister hides her journal

The nightly creatures hide within the shadows.



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