Writing From Roseau

This post is poems from Ms. Olsen’s 5th  hour class of sophomores, here in Roseau.  Some fine writing here.

By Jordan Dahl

It is flat.
As flat as a mat.
Unlike a top hat.
It is flat.

By Kyle Erickson

 Birds chirping, pleasant silence
Warm rays of sunlight.
Simple chords, being home,
Green grass, lovely clouds,
Taking in the simple things.

By Joseph Roseen

Our heart beats to a rhythm

A rhythm we don’t know

The harmonies we make are our own.

Do not sing for us, they shine

Making their own heart from us

Crazy our harmonies make us

Crazy we have always been.

The harmonies we make, make us in return.

Though we think we know our harmonies

We only know the beat.



By Hayley Olson

Warm air, nice breeze, trees swaying

Wet puddles, less clothing, sandals, sunglasses

Reflecting, full white clouds overhead

Lakes and rivers cracking, mood changing

Getting restless waiting for summer Starting

School countdowns, spending nights watching

Baseball, driving around listening to music

With friends.


It’s Going to Happen
By Spencer Morrison

It’s going to happen.

The winters will be cold.

The fires will smolder.

It can’t be stopped.

The sun will burn.

The smoke will billow.


By Evie Johnson

Glacier is so pure.

The water tasting so clean.

The birds singing their harmonies.

The black bear strolling with her cub.

The waterfall echoes.

The sweet smell of grass.

The fields of flowers so simple.



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