Writing From Roseau

This post is poems from Ms. Olsen’s 4th hour class of sophomores, at Roseau High School. More gems.

Let’s Go
by Faith Restad

Slab of cement

Dog leash in my hand

Let’s go travel.


The End
By Hannah Bourman

The end. Nothing, blank, cold, ending.
Its over. I’ m done.
The end. When were you going to tell me it was the end. The end of everything I have ever
nown. You said for every end, there is a new beginning. But when will this end? When does that start? I feel nothing. Blank. You weren’t
supposed to leave.

By Jarrett Nelson

Harmonies—what a great big

Sounding word made of peace.

Sounding like a poem itself

In its own little world.

Describing anything

With beauty and peace.


Life is Simple
by Andrew Tesarek

Life is simple

Low stress

Same schedule

Most things go

Until you get in trouble.


By Sonja Brewer

You hear echoes in harmony
Like the sunlight without warmth.
The echoes that remind everyone of what
You’ve done.
The echo that no one wants
o hear again.


By Emma Haugen

Happiness overflows
Flowers bloom
Summer shine
Optimistic feelings
Positive mind
Happy thoughts with friends.

By Krista Field

Thoughts sweet and kind.

Happy over the simple things.

Sad, but not for long.

Sweet and kind sounding.

Doesn’t see the bad in life.

Sees people in a different light.


By Jasmine Verbout

The way it feels against my skin

The memories it brings back

The way it clears my skin and mind

The happiness it creates.


By Rose Neadeau

The smoke blown in the wind,

As the sunlight was warm within.

Listening to the birds’ harmony

Echo in the wind.

Later that evening when the

Moon was glistening

While the birds were hooting.

The smoke in the sky

And the leaves flying so high.

We sat on the porch

Talking about all the great things.

Drinking the finest lemonade

And eating a piece of fine velvet cake.  


by Sydney McKinney

Warm, cool, joy

Sumer is here.

The cool crisp air blows through my hair

Children laughing

Upside down like a monkey

Teenagers riding long boards

Not a regret in the world.


In the back of the room
By Owen Moser

In the back of a classroom

In Roseau High School

Here to do what I am supposed to do

My mind is airborne.


By Jessica Howard


Soulful, fast, long, slow

Temptations brought together where

Words dare not go.

Memories of the past mixed with

Delight of the present an hope

For the future.

Stories never told.

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