Writing From Roseau

Its spring and that means a trip to Roseau.  This post is poems from Ms. Olsen’s 2nd hour class of sophomores.  Each day I’ll post a few more gems.

By Ashton D. Peterson


Being by yourself, shrouded in

A thick fog. Unbearable. Not noticed

By the outside world, easily forgotten

Replaced, pushed aside. To be nothing

More than a shadow, useless to everyone,



Social Anxiety
By Hailey Dahl


Social anxiety is like being a candy wrapper.

Sometimes you’re airborne

Not knowing what to do

Or where to go.

You’re just up in the air

Floating in the wind mindlessly

Hoping that someone will grab you

and guide you to where you belong.


By Sawyer Klatt


Food is good. Food is painful. Food can be happy.  Food can be sad. Food changes the mind. The mind helps us think. Without thought we go insane. In sanity we find peace.

With peace we feel accomplished. While feeling accomplished we find trust. With trust there is food. Food tastes good. It can also taste bad. We need food and food needs us.


By Hannah Diesen


Sunlight, so bright and yellow

Makes my leg hair glisten

Turns my body brown.

Makes me feel warm and comfort.

Aloe Vera on its way.

After the sun beats down on me

All day.


By Brooke Zagone


Sunsets are peaceful and warming.

Sunsets are colorful.

Sunsets are break taking and beautiful.

Sunsets are pure happiness.


By Destiny Wojciehowski


Family, living caring, together.

Away, closeness.

Fight out. Quiet, noisy uproar.

Forever gathering

Long lost adventures

Destination not required.


By Aaron Robb


There once was a dragon

That had pure intentions

To build an empire

With good defenses.

But when the little ones

Came, they tore down

The fences.

That made the dragon

Find a cure

So that no matter what

The dragon knew

No one can be pure.


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