Poem in Your Pocket Day, 2018

April 23, 2018
The first class to head out with their poems were Cassy and Karen’s class of four year olds. Each child, with a kite poem in hand, headed out to 28th Street to find people to share their poems with. They were very happy they had put tails on their kits and many tried to fly them as they walked down the street.  At a neighborhood coffeeshop Sam found a young man in his 20s and offered him a poem. The man smiled back and said, “thank you, I’d love a poem.” Sam turned to the coffeeshop and yelled, “did you see that smile! He really liked it!” The man then said, “ a poem is the best gift you can ever get.”


Birch and I boarded the city bus that stopped at the corner of 28th and Hennepin and Birch asked the driver if he would like a poem. “Oh yes, he said” and after the light changed he waved good-bye to us all.


In Claire and Sarah’s class, each child wrote and illustrated their own poem to hand out. I made each of them five copies to share. They found people on the street and at the coffeeshop and at the YWCA to give their poems to.  We found shoppers in Ace Hardware who then, as they were checking out were reading the poem they had been given, to each other.

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