Poem in Your Pocket Day, April, 2018

At Grace Nursery School we are starting to get ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day, which is April 17th, 2018. We have about four weeks to make and decorate our poems. Here is one of the poems we will be handing out, from Cassy and Karen’s Class. They are four year olds. This is a collaborative poem that all the children added to, titled,

Whatever We Want We Are Putting in this Poem.

A rainbow up high in the sky.
Someone falling over.
A headband with a red rose.
People walking all over the sidewalk and the street.
A kitty jumping and landing
on its head.
A rainbow flying in the air
with a pony on its back.
Tank tops and summer clothes.
The inside of an air conditioner.
A pony with rainbow hair.
A fan and a pony.
A rainbow unicorn that flies.
A chocolate bunny walking in the sky.
My grandma in a turquoise dress.
A monkey eating treasure.
A gingerbread man holding a red rose
and I’m about to eat him.
Happy happy happy
in this poem.

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