Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Today’s poems from Winston C. Novacek and Ceciley Parker

Drawing and Writing
By Winston C. Novacek


Can’t wait to draw soon

So try your best you hold on to sanity

Gonna to make it real new

So come with me and escape reality

Goint to write a story

That’ll tell you where they live and like to do

Come get to know me

So we can learn what we like to sing and dance to


It has been twenty long fruitful night

you’ve seen all their faces, watched all their fights

you know the show is so far from over

Just wait and see what’s right behind the cover


All eyes are on you

Now go on and read about their reality

See what they’ve gone through

And it’ll seem like it’s all just fantasy


You thought their nightmares

Ended with the stories

Their all still right here

So lets get friendly


There feeling festive

Join the party they’ll try hard not to bite

The wars are restless

Don’t hold it against them they just like to fight

The fun is starting

A celebration that lasts eternally

You keep on reading

Because somebody just tried to kill me


The end is coming on the last page

What will be done about the villain”s rage

Who knows who will take the blame

Our hero or the villain without a name

Since we’re here now and we’re out of patience


I’m only playing

Just wanted to leave you in suspense

There’s another story

Now you’ll see part two is ready to commence

You might look at me and think I’m going crazy

But I just got an idea for a plot twist baby


Can’t wait to draw soon

So try your best to hold on to sanity

Gonna make it real new

So come with me and escape reality

Going to write a story

That’ll tell you what happened and continue

From part one

To the sequel of a new trilogy.

4343 Lee Road
by Ceciley Parker


Driving down the highway


pulling onto the “famous” Lee Rd.

second house on the left

two bright green trees and birds singing on your arrival

family in the front yard playing games of various sports

the ball rolling down the hill

no kid wanting to get it because of the scary, haunted tractor

kids walking over to cousin Nancy’s house

chowing down on candy, talking with her as a cigarette hangs between her lips

walking into the second house on the left

the sound of the grandkids playing super Mario Bros. on the ancient Nintendo

the adults yelling in excitement over an intense game of canasta

Uncle Dave recording everyone for the memories that we’re all grateful for now

smiles and hugs were always taking place, no matter what happened

of course its just a house to someone who drives by

but as a Parker, the small house with red shutters, take up a big part of your heart



by Ceciley Parker



Lively dreams

Effortlessly beautiful



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