Writing From Roseau

Things we like.

Camping in the Boundary Waters
By Mattias Huglen


My dad and I

Paddling for hours

Until we finally reach

The first portage.

We unload and repack

Then paddle

For a long time.

The splashes from the paddle

Are rising against the canoe.

The eagles watching from the trees

Above our heads

As we approach the campsite.


By Krista Field


Tap! Tap! Tap!

Waking up

Smelling the freshness of earth.

The chill coming through the window

Wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea.

He brings you in close.

Tap! Tap!

The soothing sound of drops hitting the roof,

Running down the window,

A race to the bottom,

A blurred picture on the other side.


By Sam Long





Keeping things good.


The Woods
By Lacey Restad


Through the woods we go

Breathing in the fall air.

Crunching leaves and chirping birds

Autumn is everywhere.

The crisp sun and cool breeze

We do not want to leave.

We race through the field

To the dormant fall oak tree

Mom yells, Supper is ready!

I can smell the Mac and Cheese.

The sun is setting now.

The wolves start to howl.


By Jessica Howard


Running forward to the Earth.

Aesthetically pleasing on my window.

Impatiently wait to

Neatly clean the street.


Musical Colors
By Hannah Bourman


I just love the way

The notes lift off the page.

The way everything fits in just

Right, The way you bring black

And white to color.

Whether it be the shade of

Prussian blue or emerald green

You create a rainbow of sound.

The dark mysterious work of undertones

The bright chipper tweeting of the melody,

The middle just there to counter.


By Jarrett Nelson


It’s like a get-away

A trip to paradise taking you

Anywhere you can imagine.

Seeing things you’ve never seen

So close you can almost touch them.

The wind blowing your hair back.

The dust kicked up behind you.

The birds flying near you.

The sound of your feet

Crunching the dirt.

Your thoughts drift away

Almost as if they are clouds.

Your worries melting away like

Chocolate in your mom’s warm cookies

Waiting at home, ready to be devoured.

Your mm’s congratulating you on your distance.


A Dog
By Sydney McKinney


Long fur, short fur

Straight and curly

Green, blue, black eyes

Some are both or all.

The joy of you coming home.

The effortless love they always have.

Claws clanking against the kitchen floor.

Bunny-like fluff wagging with excitement

A dog

To better your life.

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