Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems by Zac Olson, Brodie Wensloff, Daniel Johnson, Dalton Hanson, Grace Walsh, Grace Dunham, and Katelyn Kofstad.

By Zac Olson

The moment when school starts

Everyone dressing nice

Some kids are sad, some kids are happy

Mostly sad as summer falls behind

Maybe some are late for school

School halls are full

The teachers drinking coffee, while students gulp Mtn. Dew

Sad or happy everyone’s back to school.


You Can’t See it
By Brodie

You can’t see it

You feel it

Little jerks

And then a bite

Set the hook

Reel it in

Take a picture

Throw it back.


North Rink
By: Daniel Johnson

Pass the puck

That’s what we say when we’re here

We can feel the cold of this place on our nose

We hear the skates digging into the fresh ice

Me and you are pushing each other here

We get tired often, we take

Frequent breaks

On those breaks we admire this place

This place is our second home

We’ve grown here

We fall in love with the thought of coming here

And the thought of late night skates

All of this is possible because of one place

That place

Is the North Rink…


Trust like an Old Barn
By Dalton Hanson

This barn was built long ago,

Sturdy as a mountain, nothing could move it

Then one sad day, the barn broke and collapsed.

For a long time, nothing was there and it was empty.

Finally, a new barn was built, but this one had more love

And thought put into it.


Hope like a Tree
By Dalton Hanson

It was planted and it grew and grew

With all the nutrients and water it needed.

Finally, after many years of growing, it was the

Tallest and strongest tree in the grove.


Happy Marshmallow
Grace Walsh

Calmly sitting around the glow

Sulking comfy clothes,

My brother hands me the tool,

I stab the soft pillow,

I put it over the blaze,

What a pretty scene,

I spot a smaller glow,

It’s attached to my slowly darkening puff,

What a happy marshmallow,

I bring it close,

I blow it out,

I lay down the pillow into its bed,

cracker and chocolate are the sheets,

I bite into my masterpiece,



The Book
By Grace Dunham

Seeing the vibrant purple pop out

against the bold words

The front screams “Grab me off the shelf.”

So you do


The feeling of the sleek lining

as you glide it out of the slot

It begs you to read it

So you do


The slight crackle the binding makes as you open it

New book smell wafting around

Crisp feeling of each paper thin as it slides through your fingers

You can’t put it down

So you don’t


Not until you’re done

The soft thump of the cover when you close it

You want to go on another adventure

Flipping through pages, black and white

So you do.


The Old Days
By: Katelyn Kofstad


I miss the peaceful everyday life of daycare

I miss going to Jodie’s

Eating her yummy mac and cheese

I miss playing dress-up with all my friends

I miss the calm days when I could relax

Not afraid that I’m missing out on something

I miss the days of playing outside

Not worrying about my phone

I miss going to grandma’s old house

Running around outside with my cousins too

Getting stains in out good church clothes

And not caring because we were with grandma and it didn’t matter

I miss baking with great-grandma Cush

I miss being little

I wish that for just one day

I could go back to these places and times that I love so much


Joy like Strawberries
By: Katelyn Kofstad


It’s shared with family and friends.


It sits before us sweet and delicate.


It fills our hearts with love.


It’s a refreshing burst in your life.


It starts your day off feeling bright and alive

and at night we can relax knowing that

joy and strawberries are to come in the morning.

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