Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems by Jacob Lindemann, Shelby Haug, and Paetyn Spilde.

By: Jacob Lindemann


I didn’t know how much i would miss naptime

how much i would miss recess

this elementary thought stuck in my brain.

I miss the secret talks with friends during naptime thinking the teacher didn’t know that we are not actually sleeping

even though now that i think about it the teachers new all along.

Recess a time for laughter a time for friends a time for pure joy.

Swings going back and forth.

Jungle gyms cluttered with kids

and balls and Frisbees and games never not moving.

I never knew how much i would miss holiday parties

the snacks

the fun cheesy games

the movies oh the movies the end to the day.

I didn’t know how much i would miss such a place like this.

This place that is missed so much was



A Fisherman’s Prize
By: Jacob Lindemann


Water still like glass

Wind an icy cool

Frogs and crickets loud as the storm approaching

Sun arising from its deep sleep with a yawn of color

A reel turns rapidly

A splash to break the glass.


Freedom and Fireworks
By: Jacob Lindemann


It soars through the sky

It lights the world with a bang of light

It starts small with fire it grows

We watch with sparkling eyes

Once a year we cheer.


By. Shelby Haug


Being confident

Even when people

Are judgmental and not

Understanding of how much

Time it takes to

In reality,

Fully feel good enough about yourself

Under societies standard of


Like Lead, Like Trust

                by Paetyn Spilde


It breaks if it is too thin

so difficult to hold on to


It goes into a case

trying to stay safe


It is yet so delicate


Unintentionally lost

and shattered


The thicker it is

the more it can uphold


Acting gently will make it last


Like lead, like trust.

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