Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems by Benjamin Mangum, Ella Helgeson, Sasha Magnusson, Austyn Bourman, Madasun Fulton, Taylor Johnson, and Reghan Gustafson.

by Benjamin Mangum


Her, laying on the curb


I watched as she fell down

My friend and I ran out


Blood shown on cuts all around

Her name undisclosed


But I saved her life I suppose


I don’t know her

But I care for her so


Her life changed mine


Compassion saved a life

Her problem solved mine



by Benjamin Mangum


My first, wood and steel

Love of a rolling wheel

Sad when dormant

Happy when moving

Freedom when bearing are rolling

Going fast like jealousy

Chipped like trust

Hardy like courage

But most important of all

Long like hope of riding tomorrow.


Confusion like the ocean
By Ella Helgeson

Stranded boats

In a vast color of blue


Waves crashing on each other

Not knowing what direction to go

Everything looks the same

For miles on end

Nowhere to go now

Except down

Until a small strip of land appears

And everything becomes clear.


The Dead House
By Sasha Magnusson

Dark. Damp. Moldy.

Ready to fall and

Crash into Earth.

Small space for one person.

No longer useable.

Lost and forgotten

In a land of sea.

Left alone to die, rot,

And wilt away.

Darck. Damp. Moldy.

Unable to see life.

Left alone to die alone.

Windowless. Sight less.

Unable to refresh.

Neglected by both

Animals and humans.

Dark. Damp. Moldy.

Ready to snatch

A life from the world.

Darck. Damp. Moldy. Dead.

Dead in the sea of life.



Freedom Like Sidewalk
By: Austyn Bourman

The sidewalk is always

For you to walk on


Freedom is always there

For you to depend on


The sidewalk is always there

For you to have a safe
place to walk


Freedom is always there

For you to trust


Freedom like a Sidewalk


Grandpa and Grandma’s House
By Madasun Fulton


Old dusty staircase

family photos flooding the wall

on show for who enters this home

a fireplace to keep you warm

when you are feeling so cold

a yellow swingset

you played on once upon a time

now, coming back at 16

realizing the things you’ve since missed

at grandma and grandpa’s house.


by Taylor Johnson

Home is the place to be, when you wanna just be back and relax with the family

                                                That is home,


Home is the place when you want to just go out and go sit and watch the sunset with your dog next to you

That is home,


Home is the place when you are free and you have family memories,

That is home,

Home is where i can take the 3-wheeler and just go and have fun tearing up the gravel pits

That is home.

The Old Me
By; Reghan Gustafson


I miss me

I miss the old me

The old me didn’t care so much about others opinions

The old me didn’t let society shape who I’m “supposed to be”

The old me knew the difference between who I am

And who the world wants me to be

The old me just didn’t care

I miss me




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