Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems from Reghan Gustafson, Daniel Stoldt, Ashley Mellstrom, Brady Cooper, Zak Bennett, Chandler Mooney, and Eric Hoffer.


Like This
By Reghan Gustafson


I walk in and I’m hit with the cool air from the A.C.

Emerge into a hug by my cousins

The smell of spaghetti lingers

She knows it’s my favorite

I put my bags down

Step into the kitchen

To see her, the strongest person I know

My grandma.


Courage is like A Pencil
By: Daniel Stoldt


Courage is like a pencil

When drawing with a pencil

You are taking a risk of what

People might think of your increase

Or lack of creativity


A pencil is courage

Only this time is in reverse

When using a pencil is like having sinergy

You use your pencil as much as

Courage you take all in one day


When having courage can mean several

Different perspectives

Especially when doing anything with a pencil


A pencil can also give you courage.

By Ashley Mellstrom



Instead of


Timid  yet

Energetic and



I didn’t know
By Ashley Mellstrom


I didn’t know

I loved coffee.

Waking up early and

Groggily dragging my feet

Across the living room and

Up the two steps to the kitchen

To grab a mug.

To grab a mug and to

Fill it with a quarter of

peppermint mocha creamer and

Three-quarters coffee.

I wasn’t aware that I loved mornings

Watching the sky

Open its beautiful bright eyes

And listening to the birds

Wailing their melodies as an alarm clock for the world

I didn’t know I loved writing

Scribbling my nonsense thoughts

On a page

Documenting life around me

And pouring out my heart to a sheet of paper.


Love Again
By: Brady Cooper


I miss the way we used to be


I loved you but now I feel empty


My life flew by so fast with you


But now I can’t feel the time move


We used to love and now we are friends


Can you forgive me and learn to Love Again.


Trust Like a Desk
By: Brady Cooper


Its strong and sturdy


but can be broken and lost


it moves wherever you put it


and stays where you leave it


its foundation is steel and if you heat it it will melt


it is plain and simple but complex and confusing


comes in many different shapes and sizes

but they all do the same thing.


The Moment

By Zak Bennett


In this moment

By the river

Its getting dark

The water is calm

I make a cast


The fight is on.  

By Chandler Mooney


Fuel for the day.


Often I

Don’t need to eat more,

            but I do anyway.


Courage Like a Sidewalk
By Eric Hoffer

We walk

On it

And trust

It to always

Be there,



Keeping us


When under

Intense pressure,

It can


Leaving a gap

That cements

Itself in our


When the path

Is over,

We are

About to

Step onto

The Road of Reality

In which the sidewalk has laid

The foundation for us to persevere



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