Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems from Ethan Johnson, Henry Sanford, Ayla Gross, Jordyn Doak, Quincy Jensen, Jordan Moser, and Savanah Heath.


The Rink
By Ethan Johnson

Right away, the rink may seem like a cold, warn down barn.

Once you get to know it though, it turns into a fun paradise.


Skating with friends up and down the ice,

pushing each other to become a better hockey player.


The rink is also a sanctuary, a place to go after a hard day of school,

A place to relax, do homework, and just have a good time with friends.


The rink also has great food,

the smell of a delicious pretzel wafting from the stand.


The rink is truly a great treasure of Roseau.


I Miss
By: Henry Sanford


I miss my bed,

The soft cushions

The fluffy pillow,

The dog at the end,


I miss my computer,

The friends I play with

The fun games I play

And the anger that comes with the fun,


I miss my kitchen,

Full of food,

Delicious, delectable sweets,

All sorts of drinks,

And all the family around the table,


I miss my swing,

The music I listen to,

The feeling of the wind,

The feeling of peace,


I miss my car,

Bringing me from place to place,

The radio giving me encouragement,


I miss my house,

The place I feel safe,

The place that I can be alone,

A place of joy, anger, hope,

The place I love.

A Missing Sock
By Ayla Gross


Socks protects and hug my feet

fuzzy socks

wool socks

Socks for running and heat

I have socks of bright color

Stripes and polka dots

Yoda’s face

Socks also as dark as pitch

Sinister as ebony

Socks also are monsters grabbing and snatching

They suffocate my feet

I must fling them off

Feet must be free


Socks make cold feet secure and safe

But what keeps a sock safe?

Every sock has its pair

But there are those lonely socks

Never minding its match

Or so it thought

But soon eventually

To its astonishment

Its partner in crime

Its bright knight

Flew out from under the wardrobe

These socks are not alone any longer

Who cares what the world thinks

As long as they’re together.


By Ayla Gross


Sweatshirts and scarves

Nestled with nothing, nothing to be afraid of

Underneath an unnecessary amount of blankets

Gentle giggle, with cat hair galore

Gracefully secure, stroking my cat

Love and security

Ensnared in an enchanting tomb of eternity.


It will never be the same..
Jordyn Doak

When I hear your name

it’s never the same.

I always wanted to see you

But you could never say the same.

You were never there

when I needed you most.

You thought I could handle myself

But I guess we were both wrong.


When i was born it was your job

to hold moms hand. But you never did

You said you would never disappoint me

but you always did. You never cared

What happened in the end.

I just know-how it felt to be hurt by a man.

Because my dad will always be the  first till the end.



Love Like Shoes
Jordyn Doak


It is always tied up

in difficult ways.


It always takes you

on a long journey.


It shoes you a

whole new perspective

in the world.


It can keep unwanted

things out,


But it can help you

in the long run.


The Free and The Pencil
by Quincy Jensen

Breaker of lines and borders


Roaming all over everything

with thought but is also speechless


Able to crack under pressure and

still be just as useful as before


The popularity is wide spread

throughout nations


no boundaries, no rules

yet can be controlled by others


Still everlasting until

death or peril


The Trap
by Quincy Jensen


Milo, sitting on a rock

Evening coming to an end,

yet the tree still flourishing in the sunlight

Running up the tree, the breeze

seams to catch his fur

The smell of grilled brats still lingers but doesn’t fade

A branch small and cut off from the rest

Milo, curious, the branch calls him

The branch starts to bend

He falls

Piles of rocks underneath him

He struggles to stay on the branch upside down

He twists and lets go

All life seams to stop

as if it would be the last goodbye that he would say

He grabs the trunk and climbs down,

another experience almost life threatening

But the trap didn’t get him.


Trust Like a Rock
By Jordan Moser


It can be broken,

Into grains of sand,


It can be thrown away,

Without even realizing it,


It can be built,

into a magnificent structure,

an opulent fireplace,


It can be climbed,

All the way to the top,

Until you feel like you have conquered it.




Bye Bed
By Jordan Moser

I am awaken,

I drag myself out of bed,

But like they say,

you never know a good thing until its gone, I miss my warm bed, I miss how it wraps my body, Like a newborn baby in their mothers arms, I miss sleeping, I miss not worrying about anything, I miss my fan, Like a cool summer breeze on the beach, I miss how yummy it smells, I miss my soft, fluffy pillow, The darkness, everything, my bed, I will come back to you.


By Savanah Heath


Some are big but yet small

Full with color

Full with joy


Laughter surrounds them all.


Little curious footsteps run around

Trying to catch them before they hit the ground.


I Didn’t Know
By Savanah Heath


Coming home from school, I didn’t know

Answering the phone, I didn’t know


The despair and distrust, I didn’t know


I didn’t know how my heart could break,

but holding that crystal rock could make it feel fake.


I didn’t know that rolling that malevolent dice,

would be my last move before the night.


I didn’t know how cold a hand feel,

Until that moment I looked in her eyes.


I didn’t know how hard it could be,

Watching a life leave from me.


I wrote this for remembering my Great-Aunt who died from Alzheimer’s disease on January 17,2016.


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