Writing From the Road: Roseau, Minnesota

Poems by Reese Strand, Trinity Haphey, Ben Lund, Jodi Ostroski, Taylor Jacobson, and Erick Laznicka.

Friendship like an Orange
By Reese Strand


You get it,

You want to see what’s inside.


It’s sweet as you bite into it.


It’s grows in the summertime


It’s bright and inviting


And once we have it, it’s stored in our bodies.


Journey of a Book
By Reese Strand

A book takes you on a trip,

to fly high above the clouds.

It sucks you all the way in

as if it is a vacuum.

You’ve been climbing this mountain

and  as you reach the top

you try to put it down,

but you can’t. It’s glued to you.

Your eyes keep walking the pages

Your hands turn them quickly

And your mind escapes. Far away.

A book takes you on a trip.


It is like this
By Reese Strand


It is like this.

You search the beach

for coins so you can buy

your favorite ice cream cones.

Your family is chatting

as the children are playing.

The water washes on the beach.

The sun shines on us,

baking us, on the beach.


Beloved Grandma
By Trinity Haphey


I’m going into the past

To 2013 June 3rd

So I can see my grandma


Just before she died of


And me and my sister

Didn’t have to go

To our neighbors while

My grandma died in

A nursing home

And we didn’t get to

Say good bye or I love

One last time.


by Ben Lund


I didn’t know I liked the trees

The trees following the contour of the land

The trees stretching so high in the air

As if they were meant to touch the sky


I didn’t know I liked the rocks

Jagged as they point out on top of the mountain,

The little rocks while you walk down a trail

And you lose your footing because it kicks out beneath your foot


I didn’t know I liked the little streams flowing through the lands,

Cutting them out like a sculptor


I didn’t know I liked the massive mountains

That stretch for miles on end


I didn’t know I loved that.


Chapter One
by Jodi Ostroski


They say life is short, 

I think life is quite long 

the chapters in our lives are short.

short like a modern poem.

some want to skip chapters, 

wanting high school to be over,

senior year to end,

and college to begin.

Others enjoy the current chapter

not wanting the next to come.

Enjoying the moments with

Late nights,

early mornings, 

happiness and laughter.

Dreading the moment 

the next chapter begins.

There is no pause button

no remote to increase the amount of fun.

But when the next chapter comes

you’ll be ready to turn the page

and keep reading.




by Jodi Ostroski


Smells like spring,

snow is melting

and grass is turning green.

I can hear birds chirping and 

the sounds of basketballs.

It’s warm enough for a t-shirt,

not shorts,

light breeze

white puffy clouds in the sky.

They’re all standing there basketballs in hand,



having a good time. 

Dribbling the ball across the way

I look at them and think

I’m going to miss



Early Bird 
By: Taylor Jacobson 


The dawn of day 


red, yellow and orange rays 

Shining onto the horizon. 


Tea, cold like a freezing winter night 

The glass, water running down the side

Like a frost building on the window pane 

Glistening in the morning light 


The dawn of day 

An Eagle, sitting high in the jackpine 

Waiting for the fish to rise 

Always up, 6:30 a.m. 

on alert 

It Soars down from the sky like a speeding bullet 

Cutting through the air sharply 

It snags a fish, the eagle screams in delight.

by Erick Laznicka

Bouncing the ball up and
down the court

Attitude of a great player

Skillful and great coaches

Kind spirits on the court

Effort = reward

Traveling with the team

Brothers who work together

Assistance of teammates

Losing = improvement

Love for the game.

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