Twos & Threes

& here are some poems from teacher Shannon’s room by Otto, Agatha, Emma, and Gretchen.  Art by Hayden. Oh to be two & three!


I Read my Animals a Story

By Otto


I read my animals this story

With a bear in it.

The bear was mean.

The bear wanted to eat

The strawberry.

The strawberry

Belonged to the mouse.

At the end was the shadow

Of the bear.

(I’m scared of that one)

The dinos liked the shadow

But the eagles and horses

And turtles and cows


Turtles like bears

But not their shadows.


What I Like

By Agatha


I like cows.

I like when I drink

Milk from them.


I like reindeer too.

I like when they

Kiss me.



By Emma


I love

The ladybugs.

It’s about

The red and black.



By Gretchen


Alligator says

Here’s a cookie

For you.

Eat it.

And now

Here’s a kiss too.

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