Twos & Threes

Today’s art is “Gingerbread Men” by Birch, Peter and Lola. Poems from Hayden, Peter, Emma, and Haaken.

We Are Having a Party

By Hayden


We are having a party

With a bear

And sleeping babies.

We don’t want

Bears at our party.

Because they wake

The babies.


My Gingerbread Man

By Peter


Making some hair

Need googly eyes (two)

Need some glue

He needs a mouth

And now he needs

Some pom-poms



One Time

By Emma


One time

When I was at my house

I pretended I was a bird

And our garbage can

Was my nest.

But my mom said no.

Viva was up in a tree

But I couldn’t climb.

So I was on the ground

And I looked for worms.


What Animals Like to Do

By Haaken


Horses like to eat grass

Like cows.

Chickens likes to lay eggs.

Deer like to walk.

Owls like to fly

And sometimes

They hang on trees.

Bears like to roar!

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