Two & Three & Four

Poems today from Robert, Nora, Lucy, Ehren, Caroline and Florence. Art by Sylvie–Kitties.



By Florence


I like thinking

About fireworks

Right now

Because it reminds me

Of darkness,

How they glow

In the dark.

And now

I’m tired.


What I’m Making

By Caroline

I’m making

A blue sky,

Right now,


All the sky

Is white.


My Dad

By Ehren


My dad

Loves fireworks.

He loves

To light off


And see them



That Switch

By Lucy

I wonder what that switch

Turns on. I think it turns on

Vincent? Let’s try and see

If it does!  Wait! Vincent

Doesn’t have batteries!

We can’t turn him on!


My Mom’s Birthday

By Nora


It is almost

My mom’s birthday.

It is really soon.

I want to make her

Something special

I am using scissors

Paper and glue.



By Robert



When Katie and I

Open the front door

We run away.

Because the front door

Doesn’t have a gate.

Sometimes Zoober

Runs where Mommy

Can’t find him.

Zoober is the stinky-est dog.

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