Two & Three & Four

Some poems from my first week back at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School. These are from Cassy and Karen’s Class.

Poems by Daniel, Astrid, Sylvie, Macie and Althea.

Art by Elise–Map of a Dragon Cave.


I Have a Little Boat Just for Me

By Daniel


I have a little boat

Just for me.

I am a pirate, looking for treasure

A kind of treasure

That makes music—whatever

Music I want.

I have a map.

I’m at

Where I need to go.


Pirate Ship

By Macie, Astrid and Sylvie


This is a pirate ship made of cake

And we are going to sail it

And eat it all day and all night.

Macie drives it.

Sylvie protects it.

And Astrid is the candle.


Yeah, I’m Drawing

By Althea


Yeah, I’m drawing

And I’m snipping

And I’m pasting.

And I’m cutting out a shape

(the sun) for you

And a shape

(a stripe) for me.

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