Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

3rd Hour

The Woods
by Nick Geroy

The woods

dark and colorful

all the leaves and trees

the wildlife is plentiful

running and making

their sounds.

The wind is blowing

the trees back and forth.

The grass is dark green and healthy.


It Was Like This
by Ellice Murphy

The melting warm sun

sleepless nights

jet-skiing to parasailing,

going down a 60 mph waterslide.


Not having to face the real world.


Being with my best friend

sand in my hair

sun-kissed tomato skin

lizard in our room…

at least I’m brave.

Away from my family

mouth watering seafood

beautiful braided blond hair

visiting other resorts

nicest neighbors

floppin’ around in our flops.


This Moment
by Taylor Staples

Getting up at 5a.m.

in a hotel.


Getting ready

to head to the airport

with the sun rising.


Waiting for the moment

you get on that plane



Munching on snacks



Dragging your bag

to the plane.

And finally lifting

off into the air.


It Was Like This
By Houston O’Leary

With my family it is like this–

waking up with my mom’s screams

always a race to get the first shower

then to see who can use the most milk

turning the Trix box around to read

finding the right pair of shoes

getting into the frozen crispy car.


It is Like This
by Nels Braaten

It is dry but wet

high in the sky

and low to the ground

ponds filled with geese

and hills filled with rocks.

It is like a little desert

in my grandpa’s backyard.

Sometimes I swim

sometimes I climb.

Skipping small smooth rocks

across the water.

Running up the hills

then rolling down.


Key West
by Gina Wensloff


In Key West it is like this–

walking along the sidewalk

taking pictures of the old houses

and interesting wildlife.  Warm summer

air in the late afternoon. Making our way into town

as night falls.  Neon lights illuminate

the night sky.

Restaurants booming with laughter.

Streets rushing with people.

Vehicles back and forth.

To escape the commotion

back to the pier

to the calm, teal ocean

adrenaline slows

relaxation returns.


My Place
by Haley Omdahl

It is like this

warm and welcoming

but eerie in a sense

it is quiet

a place to ponder

I’ve sat for years

when lost on where

to wander.


It Is Like This
by Sofia Lisell

It was like this

the branches gently breaking

under my shoes

the soft, salty wind

mixed with minty evergreen

hitting my hair

the long tiresome trail

leading to the opulent ocean

my heart having longing

to stay.


by Jake Borud


The big brown river

the towering buildings

Jets jerseys all around

the steady flow of traffic

the buses buzzing

the narrow streets

the Winnipeg Whiteout

I love this city.


It Was Like This
by Jenna Byfuglien

Seven years old

ask Mom for a dollar

wait in line at the concession stand

buy Laffy Taffy

back up to the bleachers

to watch the game.

The Varsity girls hockey team

are tied 1 to 1 with Warroad

with two minutes to go

into the third period.

Puck comes  out to the point

the defense winds up

and takes a slap shot.

The ref’s hand goes

down and signals

goal. I watch the

clock run out as the

girls throw their gloves up.

The banners from following years

hang like the Warroad girls’ heads.


It Was Like This
by Mackenzie Olson


As a kid it was like this–

early morning news

with my papa

perfect pancakes

and the smell of bitter coffee

in  the shower and out the door

chores and fun await.


by Bridgette K.

Countable for all my mistakes.
Odd in my place of residence.
Letting go of love.
Drained of energy and happiness.

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