Writing from the road, Roseau Minnesota

5th Hour


Things I Like
by Matthew D.


I enjoy the bright yellow

sun  beating down on my

face. I enjoy eating pizza

with my friends. I enjoy

the sound of boats rocking

against the dock.


This Moment
by Kylee Johnson


A young girl with her friend.

Both about ten or eleven. A farm, green and bright

with cows and rolling pastures.

Big round hay bales sit lonely.

One girl is climbing onto a splintery

wooden hay rack. And the other

not far behind.


by Tyra Lislegard

Coming to Grandma’s

walking in and the smell of

meatballs, the kids patience

grows thin. Dishes done,


Present galore

present left

presents right

some super heavy

some super light

rip rip a fuzzy


Laughter and smiles.

I hope we can stay awhile.

My mother’s smile,

Pie time, pumpkin.

Yawn, Merry Christmas.


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